“In principio erat Verbum…”


‘IN PRICIPIO ERAT VERBUM…’(Page 39) – In the beginning was the Word – a sacred book says to you, and many seekers have already tortured their poor brains with the useless question why the ‘Word’ is given such importance here – why the wise man describes the origin of all becoming as the ‘Word’? –
Yet this teaching was once made known in this form out of the most profound ‘in-sight’.

The eternally lasting emanation of the sun of the original fire of eternal love expresses itself in eternal will to become, becomes itself a rhythmically concentrated motion, becomes the First Word which utters from itself all becoming, ordered according to inherent measure and to inherent number! 
The word belonging to human language is but the remotest echo of this ‘Word’, which is ‘with God’ and is God from eternity to eternity! –
The wise man speaks of a ‘beginning’ which ever was and ever will be!
This ‘beginning’ appears before your spiritual eye, and the ‘word’ reveals itself to you in rhythm and colour, in form and sound as the first expression of the eternal will to create.
Tarry with feeling, and seek in yourself, in your innermost, to experience the deepest being of this First Word from which everything became that has ever become, and from which everything will become that can ever become! – – –