Words of Life 



Oh you, incomprehensible, omnipotent one, who sends the shining star of your word into my night of ignorance, let my thanks rise up to you like clouds of incense and fill the immensity of your temple!
Truly, I know not how I shall call you, unless your ‘name’ was – sanctified by your being – the same by which I learnt to call myself, by coming to myself and saying:


You Original I, Original light, Original word are the Original Ground of my being!
As the reflection and image of your ‘name’ you taught my soul – to name me! – –
Cast in darkness by all the intervening walls I built myself to hide me from you, nevertheless your light has streamed through to me!

As ‘Lucifer’, as the bearer of your light, I was once near to you, before I allowed myself to sink into dreadful darkness, thinking that the


I was myself – – – – –
Now you propagate yourself in my own in order to redeem me, the incomprehensibly exalted power of transformation, so that in me – sprung from the virgin womb of the soul – ‘Christos’ the Lord: your


could be born to lead me back from hellish torment and light-deprived darkness to you! – – – – – – –

You, the original ground of my existence, proclaim yourself to me, – teach me in human words: to find my way to you; you show me that grace resides within you which is far removed from all arbitrariness, which is law and demands fulfilment, if my soul is to be able to reach it…
Oh, how far from you were those who spoke to me of ‘grace’ as if you, changeable like men of this earth, could waive guilt or have it weigh down upon me according to your whim! – –
You came to me yourself to teach me, and I know you, even though my eyes are blinded by the dazzling clarity of your light!
Now I know that I am only a reflection of your life, and that everything I attributed to myself was solely the influence of your omnipotence! – – –

To you, you my innermost being, shall my soul henceforth turn!
In you alone can it rest secure!
From you alone it may await redemption!
From you alone can its salvation come!
Alas! I did not recognise before how I might gain redemption, and kept looking for the coming of redeemers whilst carrying within myself you, the redeemer! – – –
Yet I do not want to complain now, nor will I lament my fate.
Today, on this very day, I have gained my salvation!
Praised be forever the day and the hour when you, my innermost being, turned to me!
Never could I have escaped from you even if I never turned towards you!
Sunk in deepest night, losing myself, I nevertheless remained, even unknowingly, the reflection of the miracle of miracles, which you are yourself in all eternity! – – –
But now, since you have called to me yourself, I would truly not ignore the call!
Oh, I have passionately waited for so many years for your call! – –

Oh you, whom my soul carries within itself, lead me henceforth by means of that transforming power you propagate in human-spiritual-forms, so that I may come to recognise and understand like those you created as your helpers for my salvation!
Behold! I am yours and there is nothing left in me that could lay claim to me!
I belong only to you and I have nothing anymore that would not want to be assumed by you!
In you alone I want to find my salvation and blessedness!
To you alone every breath of mine shall be praise from now on!
To you alone all my thoughts shall turn!
Through you alone I would one day be eternally alive! – – – – –

YOU, –
‘I AM!’