Words of Life 


You set off to search for me and plaintively you ask where you can find me! –
Yet I ask you why to this very day you have still not found me? –
Behold, I have given you my eyes and my ears, and my words are on your lips!
Why are you silent in my presence, when I bade you speak; yet you speak when silence alone might bring you revelation? – –
You speak empty words in the presence of deaf ears; you are intoxicated by the deceptive knowledge of your senses, so that my language seems foreign to you, and my words dark.
Yet one day you will have to give an answer to me in my own language, in the form I gave to you to speak when I released you from me…
Still you try to hide from me with your elaborate words. Yet know, that I am as near to you as light is to the flame, and you can never hide yourself from me, even though your eyes do not see me as long as you allow yourself to be dazzled by your own folly! – –
What else do I want from you other than you find me; truly: I am easily found! – – –
I know you are seeking me even when you walk on false paths and pretend to seek other things…
The fool seeks me, as does the wise man; the searching of the fool is only foolish because he makes the path to me harder for himself, whilst the wise man makes efforts only to ease his path. – –
He casts all burdens aside, apparel and staff so that he can reach me as naked as on the day his mother’s womb delivered him…
But you dress yourself up in clothes of brocade; you put on pearl necklaces, golden jewellery and bind around your feet heavy golden sandals. –
Then you think long and hard: you search out the longest way, for only the longest way seems to you to be the right one to find me.
Burdened by everything that can weigh down upon you, you wander along endless roads; there you remain lying exhausted, until your proud courage turns to despair. – – –
Behold! you will never find me this way!
You seek what is far away, whilst I am nearer to you than your own body which you tried to bring to me laden with jewellery. But truly, I cannot esteem your jewellery, and your dazzling clothes only hide me from you! – –
Put aside all borrowed words, so that my language may be on your lips!
Stay wherever you may be this day and free yourself of all burdens!
Naked and stripped of all jewels, enter into your innermost being and learn to be silent until my language returns to you bringing tidings of me! – – –
I loved you in myself, since you have been with me from all eternity; I love you even though you have abandoned me!
I am not the one who hides himself from you; it is you that seek to hide yourself from me!
You look around in the void, imagining you can somehow find me there; you only need to turn yourself back to yourself to be with me! – – –
You still do not know that you are hiding from me when you try to conceal yourself in heavy ornate apparel, from yourself, when approaching me!
You still do not know that I have given myself to you; you will find everything you still seek outside, within yourself!
Behold! the treasures of the whole world are as dust compared to the gem you keep hidden within yourself! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



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