Words of Life 



Ishine brightly in all the atoms of your body! –
…This body of solid and semi-solid material is to me like an alabaster lamp in which I, the light, illuminate everything. – –
It does not hold me!
Nothing can hold me!
Everything outside me is an image to me; I am light to all images that I fill with light! – – – – – – –
I am fluid power and yet transcend all fluid powers! – –
I resound in all the lutes, harps and flutes of endless space! –
I am the master of all unending symphonies resonant in the spheres of eternity!
He who would know me and would live in eternity from the power of the light in me must become one of my instruments…
In eternal spheres he must resound in the light-filled tones of one of my symphonies. – –
I bind the sounds and I release them according to my own eternally inherent law.
As master of my symphonies I have good players under me.
They all follow my signs; none of them will ever entice false sounds from my instruments…
I myself only give the signs.
But my players cause the instruments to sound, and I am again the sound which flows forth from them. – – – – –
Some of the instruments are conscious of this; others know not that only through the guidance of my law they do sound, and that I am the tone which resounds in them. –
… Truly, I am not this corpse you see when you observe yourself from without! – – –
Yet in it I have given a base to my power here, so that I can bring everything on this earth to sound forth, and give birth to myself in everything as sound…
Innumerable are the symphonies that stay hidden within me wanting to become manifest. – –
I want to form myself into light-filled tone in everything which wants to sound forth through me!
My players will also not forget you, if you want to become one of my instruments. –
You too shall sound forth, eternally blazing in one of my endless symphonies!
I am the one who can redeem you, for only when I sound in you myself will your soul eternally 
belong to you! – – –
Behold! all you long for only wants to be at one with me in light-filled sound!
Although you feel the longing of your heart, you do not yet know what to make of it. –
Restrained, as in an untouched string, your own sound is hidden within you; but only when you want to become one with me will you be able to make yourself resound. –
A new tone will then resound in the universe; you will hear yourself with universal force – at one with me – in your own 
I! – – –


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