You must come to ‘God’ with man as your starting point otherwise ‘God’ will forever remain – a stranger – to you!”

This is what I once wrote in the ‘Book on the Royal Art’.

I know of no better saying with which to begin this ‘Book on Man’ today…

Together with the ‘Book on the Living God’ and the ‘Book on the Beyond’, this ‘Book on Man’ is meant as part of a trilogy. Although every one of these three books is self-contained and constitutes a totality in itself, they are all connected by an inner relationship; many passages will be found to elucidate others.

These reciprocal elucidations can only deepen the effect made by the words on the soul.

And so may the ‘Book on Man’ find its way into the hands of those already familiar with those other two books!

May it find those hearts which are in need of it: souls willing to accept its contents!




 The book on man 





Whilst being aware of the many possibilities for misinterpretation these words can unfortunately give rise to, I nevertheless see myself obliged to state explicitly that this book as well was written to fulfil a commitment I have taken on in complete agreement with the ‘most venerable’ members of that spiritual community to which I belong and to which I owe everything I give.

The teaching imparted here is the thousands of years old patrimony of those to whom the holy flame, whose light proceeds from the innermost ‘First Light’, has been entrusted for continuous safe-keeping ever since the first days of humanity on earth.

We only pass on what we ourselves received, so that it might reach through us those living alongside us and future generations.

We do not claim to be the originators of this teaching.

Moreover, we speak here not so much of a ‘teaching’ but of the imparting of practical experience within the living world of the substantial eternal spirit, whence every human soul on this planet comes from…

And so this book dealing with ‘man’ will also lead to the world of pure substantial spirit. –

To many that may seem a contradiction. For they have not yet recognised that true man is nothing other than the ‘fruit of love’ from male and female in the substantial pure spirit in the same way as his earthly animal body is derived from the physical erotic union of man and woman on earth…

Yet those who would consider man, and thereby learn to recognise themselves, must enter man’s homeland, – must direct their seeking onto those paths by which the lofty heights can be reached from where real man’s eternal organism originates, which can never be comprehended by earthly senses and can only be known by earth-bound reason through the influence of spiritually created impulses.

As long as we just concern ourselves with the human earthly phenomenon we shall merely stand before an animal which is by its nature disharmonious, – disharmonious because it seeks self-experience not only as animal, but evidently by other powers not part of the animal nature as well, – disharmonious, because it is prevented by these powers in particular, foreign to the animal, from savouring in creature comfort its existence unburdened by guilt. –

Therefore, we must first of all acknowledge and overcome the error of thinking that man is simply the phenomenon to which we on this earth give the name: ‘man’. – –

One cannot hold it against anyone on earth, – anyone who ‘knows men’, if all he can manage is an ironic smile on hearing elevated words which describe man as ‘the image of the godhead’, if the meaning he attaches to the term ‘man’ refers only to earthly man…

Indeed: the words ‘image of God’ would constitute the most ludicrous folly if the person who first uttered them had only been thinking of ‘man’ of this earth! –

These words could only have been coined by a fool – or – by a genuine sage to whom had been uncovered the knowledge of man’s all-encompassing being. – – –

The breadth of the concept of ‘man’, if it really is to encompass man and not just one of his countless appearances in the spiritual and physically perceptible cosmos, will be told to you in this ‘Book on Man’.

I believe you will no longer smile at the words of the sage once you have recognised in yourself the things I have to say to you…

You will then understand what this ancient holy sentence means: “The Elohim created man in the likeness of God.” – –

You will then no longer search for ‘original man’ on this planet, – you will recognise that what you hitherto have described as such should more correctly be described as a primeval animal from which the more refined animal evolved which now fulfils its role as carrier and tool of man, enabling him to experience himself in the physical world. –

Moreover, you will no longer ‘despair of man’, for everything which hitherto seemed ‘contemptible’, ‘petty’ and ‘pitiful’ about the being called on earth ‘man’ will be comprehensible to you as the necessary expression commensurate with the earthly animal which true ‘man’ seeks to use for self-manifestation, – but which often offers stronger resistance to him than he is capable of overcoming in the realm of the physical world.

You will also learn to see other things as the unavoidable ‘frictional phenomenon’ caused by the interaction of very different powers.

However, you will also never again dream of ‘heaven on earth’ for you will have recognised that not even the animal, serving man in this material world, could find his ‘heaven’ here, – that true ‘man’, however, once, long ago, possessed his heaven, before throwing himself into the realm of physical creation where the ‘animal man’ must lend him its powers so that he might find his way back to this heaven…

Blessed are you, if at the end of these treatises I now pass on to you, you gain your individual in-sight that also you are man from the eternal homeland of man, and not merely the higher animal to which you find yourself bound so tightly that until now you have perhaps not even had an inkling that it is something foreign and resistant to you! – –

Blessed are you, if you then raise yourself with all your strength and henceforth reach out only for what is highest within you, – for all too long you have been rooting in your lowly mire, – all too often your hands have groped in the uncertain spheres of marshy pits without having been able to find what they thought they could touch! – –

I want to see you full of confidence in yourself!

You will no longer be capable of showing disdain towards yourself as soon as you – even if it is but a faint sensation – feel that nothing about you is worthy of this disdain, but for what you have made disdainful yourself through false interpretation! – – –

From that day on you will no longer rub shoulders with the common! –

From that day on you will no longer strive for what is low within you! –

You will become a ‘rebel’ pulling yourself upwards and away from the cloggy mud on well-trodden common roads!

Walking freely you will now ascend the path of rock leading you within you to your mountain peaks!

There you will encounter yourself as ‘man’ in the homeland of man. – – –