The Book On Man 



We have now seen man on all of his paths.

We saw him at his origins when he still lived in a divine state, and we saw his ‘fall’ from the exalted light.

We saw how he united himself with the animal and how, from his self-created exile, he strives to regain the happiness of his origins.

We have accompanied him on paths of error and on the path to the truth; thus we recognised that this earth can not be man’s homeland and we saw the truth contained in the words of one who knew: – –

“For the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God!” –

You whom I address here, – you are man yourself, and you can become a ‘redeemer of all creation’, a ‘child of God’, one of the ‘children of light’. – –

Of course you can, if that is what you desire, find your meagre joy as a ‘child of this world’, one who is under the spell of external things.

It is you, and you alone, who makes the choice; nothing can oppose your will once you have made that choice. –

But it is making this very choice which perhaps you find so very hard.

You would like to strive for the highest goal, but still you do not have the will…

If only you could first have that will, the blessedness of the one who wills would tear you from all your doubts with a cry of joy. – – –

Those who described the path to the light as a way of continual sacrifice and renunciation have sinned greatly against you; for in this way they have bound your will, paralysed with fear, to the earth. –

You can see from what I am saying that you have been falsely counselled; your path to the light need never prevent you from plucking the flowers and precious fruits growing on its verges.

You will only learn to love this life on earth properly when you know you are on your path to the light. – – –

Your path to the light is your path to yourself, and – to your God who is concealing himself within you.

It is the ‘living’ God of whom I speak, and not a ‘god’ of idolaters of any kind. –

The ‘living God’ can easily be found if you courageously put your trust in him, even before you know him; yet he will vanish further and further away from you the more anxiously you demand ‘proof’ of his actual existence and proof that the power to approach him can be found within you…

The further you distance yourself from him in this way, the more he will elude you, so that you will become prey to that external world which you could command if you were consciously at one with your God. – –

It is only an act of consciousness which gives you the key to open all the doors leading to most mysterious wisdom…

Even in this external life you are living only in the region which your knowledge about yourself reveals to you; – and many who live in the same place will be aware of it in quite a different way, within the most distinct worlds of experience encompassed by the realm of the external world. – –

But you have become so attached to the existence of these external things that it may appear to you ‘miraculous’ when you hear of someone who can consciously enter a transcending world you can scarcely imagine because your consciousness oscillates in rhythms quite different from those oscillations revealing the realm of the transcending world to the other person…

True ‘reality’ for you is the world of external things; suspiciously you turn to your inner life where you think only ‘imagination’ and fantasy are at work.

Here too is true what I said before: – –

You can never find ‘reality’ within yourself if you do not trust in it courageously before you even know it…

You will move further and further away from reality the more anxiously you fear ‘deception’ and first want to have ‘proof’ where ‘proof’ will only smile on you as the crown of your courageous striving. –

You act rightly, and your consciousness has guided you well, if you always first want to have ‘proof’ in this external world before trusting it, for this world of external things is indeed a world of deception, and even the ‘proof’ it can secure for you is rarely free of deception. –

You are so accustomed to protecting yourself before you act in a world of continual deceit that you think the same mistrust is necessary in the world of ‘reality’. –

Within your ‘truth’, which has become unimpeachable for you through ‘proof’, there is so much crude or subtle deception that you have lost every measure of things, – and if once you are really led onto the track of true reality and find absolute truth, you anxiously chase it away from you because you think you are caught in the trap of vain delusion and deception, and because you have long ago become slave to your own ‘truth’. – – –

You will first have to learn to walk upon completely new paths before you can one day reach the truth as it really is!

Here a new evaluation of all values is most urgently needed!

There will be no end of ‘thinkers’ who think up their own ‘truths’; if you are content with speculative ‘truths’, you will be easily able to find that form of ‘truth’ which suits your prejudices and your outward senses.

But if you would reach truth itself, as it is, radiantly working in eternally new reality, you will have to seek within yourself; only within your innermost self will truth one day reveal itself unveiled.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Then you will recognise most clearly what this book seeks to tell you.

In its new edition (1928) which you hold in your hands I sought to make some things clearer so that no doubts would arise as to how you should interpret my words, for them to become a blessing to you.


But even the clearest form of expression will be of little use to you if you do not strive within yourself to raise yourself towards light-filled clarity. –

Once you have attained clarity within yourself, none of my words will continue to be ‘obscure’ to you. For what I come to proclaim is ‘light’ in itself, and whoever is willing to come to the light will find here what he is looking for. –

I willingly admit that in this book I have often had to create words for things difficult to explain, and that these words will only reveal themselves to those who willingly empathise with them.

If someone brings you news of a country where there is gold to be mined, you will not take offence if he found it difficult to describe the way to get there which is unknown to you…

Well then: – I too am describing to you here a path which takes you to a ‘land of gold’!

It is worth learning to interpret my words correctly…

And if you do not lack the courage to set off joyfully on the path I am showing you, you will indeed find – the richest land of gold within you, and it shall be a land that no one else can ever lay claim to. – – –