Love already reveals itself as a primeval violent urge in its lower, earthly form, and already here it shows itself as a creative power, so that the most ancient cults hoped already to find in this lower form the ultimate mystery of love. –

Such cults still exist in our own day. On obscure paths misleading doctrines have recently seized upon the most pernicious imaginings of mysterious Oriental sects in order to disseminate them in the West. Unfortunately, this has been more successful than the ‘enlightened’ public in cosmopolitan Western cities now imagines! –

Fateful powers of destruction, released by infernally fanatical Orientals from the black night of their temple crypts, now seek their victims among the white race!

The foolish yearning for ‘secret powers’ and hidden dominance over one’s fellow men who have not been similarly ‘initiated’, is the best procurer in this regard.

Those beguiled wretches are not aware that they are being pulled by invisible strings; nor do they suspect that their actions are pushing them towards a goal that they really would not seek if they knew it.

They think they are in pursuit of the key to the mystery of mysteries. They pay heed to self-deceived ‘adepts’ when they say that divine freedom will greet them on this path. Yet they innocently rush towards a pack of infernal ‘hellish hounds’ whose flews drip with greedy anticipation of tearing their souls apart, just as they had already torn apart those the innocent victims considered mighty masters of their diabolically contorted faith. –

It is true that from time immemorial phallus and yoni were sacred symbols; these two opposite poles constitute the sacred anchors of the deepest mysteries in this earthly life. However, let him who would seek before he is sought beware, lest he confuse the area of influence and fetch up slippery serpents from the deep, instead of the ‘sacred anchors’!

Truly, there is no realm of occult powers which provides such possibilities of deception than that of sexual mystery!


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


creavive power of love

Woe to those who believe they can find here what they seek! –

At best they will awaken their somnambulist powers which will willingly provide them with illusions to feed their imagination, until, too late, in their entanglement imagining themselves ‘as gods’ and now being beyond redemption, they discover with despair that they had listened to the ‘serpent of paradise’. –

Whoever recognises himself as being on these paths should tear himself away with all haste from everything binding him to these paths; for the danger is ineffably great! –

Whoever is incapable, for the sake of the ‘kingdom of heaven’, of abandoning everything dear to him when necessary, is truly unworthy of the ‘kingdom’. He will not be able to prevent himself being cast out ‘into the outer darkness’, – if not to lasting annihilation, then at least to the aeon-long anguished torment of knowing his own guilt!

All things recounted through exalted and often dark words about the mystery surrounding the earthly power of propagation and its organs, can only be really grasped when one knows that the here hidden powers will only surrender themselves in their beneficial form to one perfected in the First Light, and only as an unsought consequence of his perfection!

It goes without saying that the potential for spiritually releasing these powers which belongs to the true man of calling, compared to what happens in certain ‘esoteric’ circles, is like highly advanced chemistry in comparison to the absurd activities of mad messy cooks. –

He who does not belong to those spiritually perfected, who before their birth on this earth attained supreme ‘mastery’ of the highest order, should stay well away from all searching in this domain. For what he thinks he will find, he will never find here; and what he is able to find, will make him prey to dark forces, in whose nets thousands upon thousands have been ensnared since time immemorial. Often admired for a period of time in this earthly life as true ‘followers’, they served their destroyers as bait for further candidates for annihilation! –

I hardly need to say that I am acquainted with all the secret ‘methods’ which can unleash such supposed ‘spiritual powers’.

But I also know the fate of those who have unleashed them; therefore I have the duty to warn, all those who would be warned. – –

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Those concerned can hardly raise the objection that I have not clearly stated those things I would rather not state more clearly. –

But to you, seeking light and illumination and avoiding deceptive illusory powers which have access to nothing other than what is stored up within the bodily cells from your forbears, – to all you I will show the creative powers of love at work, in a manner you can partake in without any danger: – in that exalted ‘heavenly’ manifestation of eternal love, which will pour living light and the blazing fire of suns into you, just as in its ‘earthly’ lower form it only sets fire to the senses to preserve your species and as to make you intuit in your heat the truly higher things it can achieve. – –

The truly divine can also be found in the lower form of love by all those who have already recognised that this and the supreme form of love are of one essence; they only differ in their forms of influence…

But ‘occult powers’ are not sought by them in ‘earthly’ love, – yet they can find the first tremors of intuition in it, when the soul’s experience transcends the physical union, leading them upwards to the supreme form of love – to where it becomes ‘heavenly’. For here its influence is raised high above this earthly life, far beyond the farthest stars to the pure light-filled realm of eternal creation, open only to those of ‘pure heart’.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yet you do not need to experience ‘earthly’ love on earth to attain the supreme ‘heavenly’ form of the same power!

It is true you should not run away from the ‘earthly’ form, if it approaches you in transcendence of the soul, in a marriage kept genuinely sacred, – but if you were to find in it the mere satisfaction of physical desire, then I counsel you to abstain. In saying this, I am very far removed from that delusion that sees in abstinence the price to be paid for the highest form of development of the soul. –

It is far better that you renounce this one possibility of earthly happiness with your will alert, than if you were to desecrate the sacred fire through bestial heat. – – 

The supreme ‘heavenly’ form of love can reveal itself to you even in the most sober of your daily tasks. Many who sat at the loom or followed the plough received it in their simplicity, whilst others could proclaim it all their lives from lofty pulpits without ever discovering it in themselves. – –

It can even develop creatively within you when you think you are merely carrying out the drudgery of daily activities…

It is experienced even more intensively by those who are called to creative activity: – those who themselves shape creatively that what the spirit impels them to.

No great work of genuine art has ever come into being here on earth without the creative power of love filling the creator!

Yet it would truly be narrow-minded to imagine that the artist alone is blessed in this way!

There are so many forms of activity in life on earth, where the creative power of love must, differently and less visibly, pervade the performer so that his life’s work can bear supreme sanctity!

So many activities carried out far from the sphere of high art can, from a higher perspective, reveal the same primeval laws and demand the same creative impulse as manifested more obviously in the work of the artist.

There is no earthly human activity which is incapable of setting free the high creative power of love from its constraining shackles!

Nonetheless, if you would recognise the creative power of ‘heavenly’ love in its most wondrous expression, then you must hand yourself over to it and so be the material for that expression!

In vain you will seek to find your highest form from yourself as long as you do not willingly allow yourself to be transformed by the creative power of love!

In vain you will seek to hone and polish yourself every day if you obstruct the creative power of the ‘heavenly’ form of love from moulding you into the divine image which the spirit embodied in you is to manifest!

It can never be shaped from the effects of your creative power alone, however much the eternal creative power of love needs your active powers, given to you by it, to carry out its work! –

Certainly you should not be passive; your own powers can only gain strength through continual practice, so that they can truly become tools of the creative power of love in shaping yourself; – however, you must only entrust those tools to the spiritual masters of supreme love, if you are to see yourself emerge in your highest form!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yet even then, as long as you live on earth, many external things are not always willing to conform to the highest form and you will continually have to keep your tools sharp, lest the high form bestowed upon you vanishes again, leaving but a torso which painfully brings to mind what was once created…

No man on this earth has yet attained perfection through the creative power of love without his high form being threatened by this life’s restlessly destructive forces. If you think that the Luminaries of the First Light were free of all such cares, – let me tell you that they too, like all those seeking to unite the life of the animal with their eternal life, have to keep a constant vigil, lest they fall from the exalted light like a star plunging into the abyss where it is pulverised into its original atoms!

Although such cases are rare, they are nevertheless possible.

In outer life such a fallen one then becomes a dreadful zealot for evil: – someone who would ‘stop at nothing’ and find his greatest self-satisfaction in destroying, wherever possible, everything he once helped construct…

Therefore it is always a step of unheard of boldness, for each one prepared for it in the spirit, to accept freely the call to unite the spiritual-man with the human animal for his earthly path is threatened, far more than that of all other men, by countless invisible dangers.

You must learn to recognise, therefore, a fellow man in the Luminary of the First Light, who – in truth not removed from all human failings – has to struggle like you, in order to emerge from the battle of light against darkness as a victor, when his life on earth is completed!

The teaching you received, according to which you evaluate that exalted Luminary we call the ‘great man of love’ as a ‘God’ without sin and removed from all capacity for guilt, – that has cast a deep cloud of darkness around your judgement, hurling you back right into a realm of impotence and misery. There you are happily kept by those who can enjoy their might only by appearing to your soul, on which they have imposed the misery of slavery, as masters of its destiny. –

Indeed, not all those who teach you such dubious beliefs are aware of what they do.

Most of them imagine that they are guiding you – towards your happiness, towards your eternal, true salvation.

Today they are scarcely aware any more of the ruinous human arrogance coming to light through their actions, which has become habitual through the centuries. They genuinely believe the salvation of your soul is in danger the moment you seek to shake off their teaching because within your heart’s deepest intuition of the truth the error of such had finally been revealed to you. –

I ask you not to seek to blame these benighted teachers for their mistaken teachings, which, on the whole, they are really only following in ‘good faith’!

They would surely seek to guide you on better paths, had they found those better paths themselves, for the exalted will to help you inspires them – much more frequently than you would like perhaps to think! –

But none, truly feeling concern for your soul and its eternal salvation, will refuse you the possibility of trying out a path you have found without him; for he has long ago recognised the heavy burden of responsibility once placed upon him by his office! –

Only one driven by arrogance, one who fears losing his power because of your knowledge, will ‘indignantly’ fire off a cascade of words ‘from above’, – he will give you a thousand ‘reasons’ to bring you back into the restricted pasture land within the fold which is so dear to him, – but for the one which most deeply motivates him: – to keep you where you are, before the truth emanating from love could reach you. –

One so concerned with his own might has indeed been alienated from all the creative power of love a long time ago!

You must not follow him into the labyrinth he has dreamt up with the likes of him for all those seeking to shake off his power. Those wielding this power consider it precious, – even if they themselves, the ‘powerful’, recognise in their heart of hearts that it relies purely on the ignorance of their slaves. – –

Those who have once enjoyed the intoxicating lust for power are thereafter lost to the voice of truth; they are lost to the mercilessly fixed spiritual preconditions of truth…

But you should certainly not be indignant against those who are lost to truth, if you want to give yourself up to love’s creative power to create your own highest form!

You would only otherwise construct an obstacle which would be bound to seriously damage the forming of yourself! – –

You who are seeking light and illumination, – – learn to practise mercy towards those who would most like to keep you in their twilight!

For the most part, they are not to blame for becoming what they are today, – it is far too difficult for many to break loose fearlessly from the ropes which often for them offer the only rescue from falling further into the depths of darkness. In every fibre of their being they feel that only the strongest rope can hold them. – –

For many of these ‘blind leading the blind’, the fear that their source of income might dry up is reason enough to continue serving the error they have recognised. They would willingly renounce it, if they knew how they could sustain their own livelihood and that of their dependants, nourished by their reasonable stipend.

Humanity must now lament the victims of a ‘sin’ committed by long-forgotten generations and now perpetrated through their heirs. Moreover, it would only pile up new guilt on old, if mankind sought to blame those tightly shackled wretches for still being in bondage to a bygone age! –

Those still able to move their arms, and none will be absent, will, however, suddenly amaze the world with their work!

In all stillness they will prepare the day on which they will break free from their shackles – without violating what has been sacred since ancient times!

They will no longer tolerate ‘the outrage of devastating a holy place’ and will erect the temple anew!

They will no longer believe those who tell them that the Anointed One is in this place or in that place; they will strip many who came ‘in his name’ of their reputation!

Truly they will not destroy, and yet what is worn out will be renewed; for they will illuminate the old form from within with the fullness of all life it can contain! – –

Indeed, the day on which this work is to begin can not yet be determined, – but that it will come is as certain as the appearance of a new day after a night impregnated with darkness!

Allow your teachers time to seek, and when they have found, or even have been found, they will certainly guide you – or even the children of your great-grandchildren – differently than they do today. –

The best among them confess themselves that they are still seeking what they thought they had found at the time when they eagerly accepted the burden of their calling, full of holy enthusiasm. –

Do not believe you would ever find – the untainted trace of light-filled truth – in any other community on earth, even though they wear the threadbare cloaks of ancient mysticism and proclaim with ambiguous gestures that they alone guard that ‘mystery’ which goes back to the beginning of time!

Certainly, there are many serious seekers at work here, searching among the hieroglyphs of ancient temple ruins for that word which might one day bring redemption.

Yet here too, those with knowledge have recognised for a long time that new ways must be opened up, lest the serious crowd of seekers loses itself among the dark crypts continually holding out the renewed promise of ‘light’. However, he who painstakingly feels his way must fall into disillusionment at the end of his path, unless he is satisfied with the hollow gesture of an ‘insider’ – unless he, led astray and not knowing which way to turn anymore, contents himself with a feigned ‘dignity’ – and is now happy with the good faith of this misguided one who imagines that he has reached the goal…

Many have already sought here a very dubious substitute, believing that the treasure of gold hidden in the deep interior of the temple cannot be found, – since they no longer know the sublime architectural design of its lofty hallways. –

They greedily wade through all of occult’s cesspools trying to find that which only the man of courage might discover on sun-drenched mountain peaks…

Here too renewal will come through creative power of love in its supreme, ‘heavenly’ form. Yet, many newly constructed wings have been undermined by that night-begotten teaching which seeks the ultimate key to all mysteries within the physical earthly form of love…

Those concerned will understand me; let those to whom these matters are strange, know that I have not written these last words for them.

The words of this book are meant to bring light to all on their paths; let each seek here what may be of use on his journey!

No one will search in vain; everyone can find what is appropriate to him!

But creative power of love will transform what I have been permitted to express only in words, into light and life for all men; to show those who now live in darkness, the path of light, on which life can radiantly unfold in happiness and joy. –

Of course, every harvest requires seed to be sown beforehand. And the reader to whom I address these words will not reap that harvest through a superficial reading of my words, but through that decisive action my teaching requires!

Those who live with me from the ‘Father’ in love, consider this age prepared to receive such teaching.

Only a recognition of the needs of the times made me set pen to paper.

I have not spoken one word here that any of my brothers would not be able to approve. Only they are able to judge here whether I have accomplished the task I was given in the way I was commanded, – whether I have only taught as the ‘Father’ called me to teach. – –

Nevertheless, I bear all the responsibility for my every word!

May those who have received this book through the exalted providence – they call ‘chance’, – allow themselves to be guided by my words to supreme love!

May the light that, according to the pious legend, once shone on the shepherds ‘watching their flock at night’ shine on the hearts of all those who are still watching in the darkness of this age; may it bring peace after these days of raging conflict to all those full of ‘good will’!

The exalted creative power of love will then teach the now awakened how to give life a new form!

They will be far removed from the illusion that mankind’s lofty temple can only be built from ruins. All men will dedicate themselves as ‘stones’ in the construction of this temple, once they have recognised that the supreme sanctuary of life can only be constructed from the living!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To be sure, I have left nothing unsaid in this book which needs to be known, or which is simply useful. Where I found questions still unanswered in its first version, they have here received full answer in this definitive edition.

I am not addressing romantic zealots belonging to some sect or other which is in search of magical wonders; nor do I address the many people for whom reality is inessential, because they can only see the flickering image of the fanciful dreams they have created.

Like all my books, this book is written for mature, sober people – for people who, quietly working on their own lives, want to co-operate in the spiritual reformation of a world whose countenance can only be freed by the supreme spiritual form of love, from the contorted convulsions which have practically frozen it into a mask of frenzied horror.

Only when the awareness dawns that the form of human society on this earth is determined primarily by the work of the individual on himself and only influenced to a very limited degree from outside, may one be confident of being on the path along which I seek to guide those who trust in me.

It is the only path leading out of the confusion of the current age and upwards towards clarity, where one may survey what is of importance. At the same time, it is the only path which allows the lost individual to find that peace within himself for which all those hearts not yet completely hardened so ardently yearn.

Untamed bestial lust for conflict will no longer be able to rage within human society as a destructive factor. Instead it will be sublimated into a spiritual defence, allowing the plurality of individuals to repel within themselves all the assaults of lower planetary forces against the individual soul – in full consciousness of the only power to conquer victoriously every menacing impulse on earth seeking to destroy happiness!