Human intellect invented a telescope containing a system of different lenses and mirrors which together allow, by their clever arrangement, the eye to see the farthest distances as though close by and tangible.

If you would make use of such a telescope, you will have to look through the small lens the manufacturer designed for your eye.

You will then receive rays of light from the external world to an extent that the distant comes close to you, and you can differentiate those things your naked eye never could.

So too, in spiritual matters, you can only apprehend the divine if you first turn to those whom eternal light itself has prepared to convey to you its rays! –

You will then only get to see the divine in the Luminary; he himself will vanish; just as when you look through that telescope, you do not see the lens itself at all, but the distant object you are looking for. –

But just as the lens of the telescope which is closest to your eye would be of little help to you if there were no other lenses and systems of mirrors built into the apparatus, so too would the Luminary be unable to help you, if that exalted hierarchy of the spirit were not placed between himself and the innermost original being of God, which you are seeking to comprehend! –

When a Luminary reveals himself to you from his spiritual being, you are looking, as it were, through all the realms of these spiritual hierarchies into the innermost Godhead. –

This analogy allows you to understand better many sayings of the Master from Nazareth. You will also be able to differentiate what he once said from himself as an earthly man of his days, and – where at other times he completely disappears and intends you only to hear the Godhead’s innermost essence, the First Word, – – for what is said in the preceding analogy about seeing, applies as much to hearing…