At a time when the muddy deluge of hatred brings calamity to all the meadows of humanity*, this book sets out to speak to you of love! (*This book was first published in 1922.)

You, who would experience yourself, will find supreme freedom here!

The freedom your soul needs, just like your lungs need air to breathe only love can give you ; without love the seed of life from which you shall arise to a growth which knows of no ending will die within you. –

In these pages we shall speak of a power which has spiritual dominion over all the powers of this earth – a power which only the very few experience within themselves. For while they give the name ‘love’ to many things they know, they are too easily satisfied and do not delve deeply into their innermost beings, where the power of love could just reveal itself to them.

Only he who delves deeply into his innermost self will find there the foundation of those wise teachings of love preserved in the ancient texts of the holy books, which everyone probably ‘knows’, inasmuch as the words of these books have reached them. Yet, only rarely have they been spiritually comprehended, as no one suspects that a law is revealed in these teachings, before which even the mightiest must bow lest sooner or later he is, despite his might, smashed – against himself. –

If only one knew what love truly is, the countenance of this earth would have been changed long ago; all life would have long since wriggled itself free from constantly recurring torment. – – –



the book of love




The words of divine wisdom which talk of this love are still today, as in the past, concealed by dense veils; only rarely has someone been able to lift these veils and gain knowledge.

What he came to know was no longer that ‘love’ which he once thought he knew. For he now experienced a primal force which sent a trembling through the very marrow of his bones, – which caused him to quake in his innermost experience, and made him master where once he had been slave! –

This book brings you tidings of this love!

It shall bring your soul to this love!

He who speaks to you here of this love, lives from this love himself!

Only he who lives from this love, who has become knowledgeable of love through life and experience, should be permitted to give witness to love…

He alone can really speak of the incomprehensibly sublime power which is the subject of these words.

There have been so many who believed they lived in love because they were incapable of hatred.

Yet this incapability is absolutely no guarantee of knowing love!

Hatred is the opposite pole to love; it is the same power inverted; – whoever is incapable of hatred, though he knew a long time ago that only folly results from hatred, will never find the love within him of which Paul, truly a man of love, said:

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” – – –

He will also certainly not understand the meaning of that legend telling of the Shakya-Muni, the Indian Buddha. It tells of how one of his enemies drove a raging elephant onto his path. The Enlightened One, to everyone’s astonishment, tamed the beast which, shaking, knelt down before him; for he had confronted it with the powers of love which he carried within himself …

The Indian legend and the words of Paul, preacher unto nations about Jesus Christ, make those digging below the surface aware that this is not a message about emotional intoxication, – rather, that here should be glorified the sublime power alone, which, as I said at the beginning: – is the spiritual master of all earthly powers! –

The revelation of this power in earthly life takes different forms.

You will find it in every plant and every animal; their mating instinct is a testimony of its omnipotence …

Yet you find it just at the lowest level of its influence and you will surely not recognise here its most sublime form of influence, although here too, very much more becomes apparent than you have perhaps hitherto been capable of discerning. – – –

If you had ever at this lowest level of love – though this ought indeed to be close to you – allowed the creative profusion of enflamed mating instincts to be testimony to you, you would have recognised a long time ago that this primeval force can achieve so much more than propagating earthly things from what is earth! –

Long ago you would at the same time have recognised that this creative profusion must also belong to the highest form of love. You would certainly not have fallen into the sweet misunderstanding which erroneously satisfies you with cosy feelings of affection and pious gentleness in order not to be, to use the words of the loving one, a ‘sounding brass’ or a ‘tinkling cymbal’. –

All that the true man of love, here referred to, has to add about the ways in which love announces itself are merely signs which follow in love’s wake when it reveals itself in its supreme form. –

But you have taken these signs to be love itself, and strive to bring about those signs which would be yours of their own accord if you had love! – – –

I shall have to heal you of many errors, if I am to make you capable of love…

You have been ensnared since your early youth by a thousand-year long delusion!

Those who once should have taught you had themselves heard nothing different from what they passed on to you.

It would be folly indeed to harbour resentment against them!

They imparted to you what had been imparted to them, in the same way I now impart to you what was once imparted to me before I had learnt to draw from the well with my own vessel.

Perhaps you will recognise that it does indeed make a difference from which well the teachers fill their vessels! –

If you are already acquainted with the teachings I have been permitted to express in my other books, you will know that for me flow the deepest sources from the rocks, from which has issued forth all the spiritual wisdom that has ever made this earth fertile.

Blessed are you if the ‘living’ waters from these sources revive you!

Blessed are you if you do not take ‘offence’ at my words, though I am compelled to show you that true spiritual revelation lasts forever and puts to task the one who reveals it at every moment!

I would certainly not be who I am if I sought to devalue what in the religious teachings from ancient times originates from men like me.

Everything in all these teachings from the far- and middle- eastern worlds which bears the sign of the spirit of eternity was once imparted by the revelation of those who are of my kind.

It must be said that my ‘genealogy’ extends considerably further than the biological family tree of the man of this earth which serves me as an instrument: – as a necessary vehicle here on earth…

And I call upon you now to differentiate between the things of the spirit, which are imparted only by those in spiritual union, who reveal themselves to this world very rarely, – and those things belonging to sterile, inflated human opinions found in those scriptures of ancient peoples whose words you revere just for their mystery.

Through me you should experience how you can learn to differentiate these ancient words!

I shall teach you here as the only one amongst all my kind who is today working in public, – and as the only man on earth who today can say that only he is able to shape the form of words for eternall propagated spiritual good.