The Book On Happiness 



Have you ever seen a child building a sand castle clap his hands in joy when he has completed his work? – –

You who are seeking happiness have found your teacher here…
Here is someone who has found happiness; if you do not seek for your own like this child, it will be in vain that you suffer torment and thirst in your search for happiness.
All the happiness of this earth, and this is all we speak of in this book, is the happiness of the creator – – be it that he creates the royal kingdom of love within himself, be it that he creates a work of the spirit, be it that material values give physical shape to his creative will. – – –
Only the joy of the creator in his work is happiness; all other things you are likely to call by this name will surely, if you entrust yourself to them, – deceive you of your true happiness, in as much as this earth can bestow it…

You who love and find happiness in your love alone, tell me, what is your love if not the joy of the creator!? – –
Feelings are your creative powers, and if you are truly ‘happy’ in your love, you have built yourself a temple in the kingdom of the emotions. No one apart from you can enter it; its holy of holies contains the divine image to which, as the priest of your love, you willingly give service and sacrifice.
Perhaps you have never realised that here you are a creator, – you feel dominated by feelings which are leading you, often against your will, – you believe you are bound by fetters where you gladly wear fetters, and live the delusion that all this came from outside acting freely upon you according to laws embedded in this earthly life?? –


 The book on Happiness 



You obscure the light yourself in thinking like this! – – – 
Certainly you are following an eternally unconquerable law when your soul opens itself to that stream of love which flows through the universe, drawing together with mysterious power souls and bodies. But this merely results in the promise of happiness, for your love will not lead you to your happiness unless it awakens the creator in you. – –
What makes you really ‘happy’ is your own work, – creating from the chaos of feelings, and its result: – the harmony of the soul perfecting itself when offering itself to another soul. –
Even that sensual pleasure which is called ‘love’ by men who know no higher desire than animal instinct, nevertheless compels basest feelings to create and construct an illusory castle in which they erect an idol to their lecherous dreams as slaves of their short-lived ‘happiness’.

You who love, however, you who would in your love become truly ‘happy’, will have to seek another form of happiness, and if you are truly one who loves, then the happiness of physical experience can never be separated from the happiness of the communion of the soul. –
Only as a creator can you find this happiness of the soul! – – –

Yet you still allow yourself to be easily deceived and you wait every day for happiness to approach you from without. –
For some it is the love of a beloved; for others, it is work they would see accomplished; for yet others it appears only as liberation from the needs and worries of the body.

But even if you have achieved all these things, in the end you will still have to admit to yourself that something further is missing from your happiness; you will restlessly continue to search in those very places where you imagined you had attained your highest goal. – –
You have no idea about the happiness life on this earth holds within it, and that this happiness is both the pledge and the fertile soil for all ‘eternal’ happiness! –
Existence on this earth will be pointless for you, becoming a chain of greater or lesser torments renewed every day, if you fail to find your earthly happiness here on this earth! –
Give no credence to bleak doctrines which hold out the prospect of ‘eternal happiness’ if you renounce happiness on this earth!
Here and now, in the very hour you are reading this, you are in the midst of eternity; whatever you are incapable of creating now for yourself, no God in all eternity will be able to create for you…
You have to learn to recognise that all happiness is but a result of using a talent you have within you, and that you can never be happy, now or in any other form of existence, if you fail to develop this talent, if you lethargically wait for your happiness to meet you, or if you believe it must be bestowed from outside as a ‘reward’ for your deeds, as a consequence of ‘divine justice’! – – –
You will only attain and enduringly retain your happiness as a creator!
Only what you bring about within yourself will grant you eternal satisfaction!
Only if you can create happiness for yourself will you come to your happiness in every form of 
life! – – – – – – –