The Book On Happiness 



The few who knew these laws since grey primeval days and lived accordingly had been prevented for long enough from passing on their knowledge to anyone other than their tried and tested pupils on earth. In the course of the millennia they found most plentiful opportunities to search these spiritual laws, on which this book is based, for all their ultimate ramifications, testing out their efficacy on themselves and in their own lives.
You may entrust yourself with good reason to this guidance; if you desire to know more about its nature, my subsequent books will enlighten you fully: ‘On the Living God’,‘On The Life Beyond’, ‘On Man’, ‘Of The Royal Art’ and ‘Of Dialogues’.
I shall finish this ‘Book on Happiness’ here with the fervent wish that it might show you ways by which you shall become the creator of your happiness. –
There is so much that could be said about the different types of happiness you can create on this earth, but I hope you will not think that I have deliberately overlooked any kind of human happiness because it is not mentioned in this book…
If you are able to read properly you will find teaching which can be applied to every kind of happiness on this earth. –
I wanted to tell you here in the most concise manner about all the essentials you should observe with all forms of human happiness. I have only chosen some elements of human happiness on this earth which clearly demonstrated what this teaching has to say about happiness. It was not always possible to avoid repetition; to do so would have been at the cost of clarity.
On the other hand I was concerned with being as concise as possible whilst dealing with all the points which seemed to me important for gaining clear insight into the matter.

I would not like my books to be read like stories which are put aside as soon as one has reached the last page, perhaps never to be picked up again in life.
I already know of many for whom my books are constant companions in their lives; I hope there might be many others.
Yet if I write every one of my books with the intention of providing my readers with a constant adviser, I would especially wish that this ‘Book on Happiness’ should never disappear from my readers’ sight and reach. For while I deal in other books with things which are often far removed from daily life, I think that I have had much to say here which offers a daily opportunity to pick up this book again in order to get become thoroughly acquainted with its teaching.
In every event this will certainly not be to your disadvantage; it may perhaps – however much you are predisposed today still to a pessimistic frame of mind – in the course of time make you into – – a happy optimist, despite all the external adversity surrounding you…

You must not be led astray by those people who would prove to you from their own ‘experience of life’ that happiness takes flight from so many on their path of life, despite their continual efforts to meet it.
Let those who experience life in this way rather ask what mistake caused them to obstruct the path on which happiness intended to meet them!...
Let them ask whether their own ‘assiduity’ did not cause happiness to flee from their side? –
Truly, all earthly happiness wills your act of creation. Yet the silent activity of the creator is very far removed from that restless solicitude which is always anxiously concerned that ‘nothing is neglected’ and thereby neglects the best of all things, the peace of mind without which happiness on this earth can never be obtained. – – – – –

Create within yourself a cheerful faith in your entitlement to happiness, and never allow yourself to be derailed by any setbacks from the secure track of your well-founded faith!
Be convinced that forces and powers are always working to help you from the moment you want to secure your own happiness and you do not merely demand happiness through impotent wishes! – – – 
Walk calmly on the earthly path assigned to you, always keeping your inner peace, however much the ‘blows of fate’ may rain down upon you from outside.
If you allow yourself to be torn from your calmness, you are certainly lost. Yet never will the forces which create misery on earth be truly able to defeat you however much they rage if, in a state of perpetual, certain quietude, you trust in your happiness and in the helping powers at your side. – – – 
With endurance you will be able to create your happiness, even if you might still be surrounded at this hour by ‘unhappiness’ of every imaginable kind. –
Do not believe the tales other doctrines might tell you regarding the remote possibility of finding happiness on this earth!
Rather believe in your right and your duty to attain happiness; seek in cheerful certainty, creating your happiness with trust and strength of will, so that one day you may be numbered amongst the happy ones on this earthly orb.