The Book Of Dialogues 



I saw stars twinkle up,
No one before me had seen, –
Nearest had to vanish,
Furthest I beheld from nearby …

I have heard sounds 
Rarely anyone heard,
Words have come to me, 
Taken by ‘The Word’ from the First Word …

He who had been a ‘master’ to me
Gave to me his hand as ‘brother’ …
Thus I was healed from ‘dreaming’
Thus I discovered the radiant land. – –

There I was ‘hallowed’
After long years of duty:
The sons of the highest forces,
They had guided the ‘brother’ to the light. –
Now I am drowned in the ‘light’ 

Like a drop in the eternal sea …
Vanished is what I left behind,
And empty the time when it was alive. –

I found what only few have found,
I saw what only few have seen – –
I experienced, still tied to the earth,
The becoming of my ‘eternal kingdom’ …

And yet, – if ever I wanted to withdraw from the 
My deep heartfelt love,
Then – – my soul too would have to flee
From those radiant lands…