Scintillae Mantra Practice 

Scintillae Mantra Practice


Penetrate into me!
Am your shrine!
Mine! –




 Book 26 







: Line ….
: Compass ….
: Circle! –
Eternal wandering of the
– – – – – – – – – –
I: divides!
A: spreads!
O: rounds!
One in all: (IOA – –)





Three is one
In itself, –
Four of the ‘rulers’
Ten of the ‘powers’
Twelve of the ‘fathers’ …
From it sprouting:
Manifold unity, –
The ‘Masters’ …

The one reading these words,
The one hearing them,
The one recognising them,
The one knowing them,
I, – want to be a ‘pupil’
To all this number!
I – One
With line, compass, circle,
What I now know:
Myself on the plan:




The small collection of German mantra (here translated into English) I have published under the general title Funken (here translated as ‘Scintillae’) is not meant to be understood as though it was my advice to absorb, if possible, all the individual sayings on a daily basis.
Neither is it the case that the given order should determine the sequence by which the sayings are absorbed.
Let one choose instead the saying which is felt most penetratingly, speaking it inwardly without any declamation, without emphasis, plainly, simply and inaudibly to the physical ear, every day at a peaceful moment, without particularly analysing the intellectual idea, without pondering the ‘meaning’.
This does not mean that one must forcibly suppress the meaning which arises of itself!
One should merely not seek the meaning but take into oneself the words as a spiritual form of sound; following this, the intellectual comprehensible meaning will then increasingly open up day by day without any deep pondering.
As soon as one feels even the slightest weariness, the inward speaking must be ended immediately.
Likewise, one must change the mantram in question if there is no feeling when speaking inwardly.
Never should even the slightest unease set in when speaking inwardly.
The whole practice of mantra is an activity which only leads to fruitful results when carried out in joyful freedom.
Here is of evil everything forced, everything compelled.
One must speak to one’s inner being when completely relaxed, and as though it was a customary activity carried out every day.
One should accept one’s feelings as they come, but one should not keep watch over the life of one’s feelings: – not expect unprecedented new feelings to ensue from speaking inwardly!
The more calmly, trustingly and imperturbably the whole process is understood the more blessed will be its effects.
What is offered in the twenty-two ‘Scintillae’- sayings should also not be ‘completed’ within a certain period of time like a set of allotted tasks!
The twenty-two sayings will rather last for the whole of one’s life on earth, even if it should last one hundred and twenty years …
(Their effect extends even far beyond earthly life!)
Whoever has spoken inwardly all the sayings even over a dozen times will nonetheless notice that at a given hour he will suddenly experience oneor other of these mantra as though he had never heard them before. If he repeatedly awaits the proper hour, new power and new light will every time flow to him from the twenty-two pipes of this holy source of wisdom …
It may happen that one day someone aged sixty arrives at an experiencing of the soul he had previously not known, although he thought he had known these mantra well since his twentieth year, and owed to them many other experiences of the soul over the years. – –
What the sayings comprehend in terms of understandable content cannot be dug up by thinking; sooner or later it will be spiritually bestowed on those who speak them spiritually to themselves, even if the words and their relationships pose ‘mysteries’ to them …
Do not be disturbed also by the few inclusions of words from Sanskrit!
They should be familiar to most seekers. Let those who find them strange speak them where they find them spiritually and inwardly, and at a given time they will manifest their effect and show the justification for their inclusion.

“Tat twam asi” is translated:
That art thou!


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