There is hardly need for a special justification if I elevate the first of the twelve chapters which follow in this book to, as it were, the symbolic title of the whole work. What is given here should lead the soul from the darkness and fetid air of the grave towards true resurrection.
Many are mentally buried, yet they lack any perception of the corruption which surrounds them and the tomb vaults enclosing them. –
Others unintentionally get more and more deeply into the night of death for their foolish lust causes them to be attracted to observe at close quarters the phosphorescent glimmer of putrefaction and disintegration; very soon they can no longer find any way out leading them back to daylight.
And so we need bright torch light to make those in danger clearly aware of where they are.
We also need to show the unsuspecting that they were about to enter the vaults of graves in the belief that they had discovered hidden temples.
But now away with metaphors!

I think the meaning of this book will be readily revealed to the unbiased reader, and the reason I have put the individual, self-contained sections into the chosen sequence will be understood.
Whoever receives this book into himself in the way intended will surely not regret having read it, – indeed, I believe: he will read it often, until he awakens to that ‘resurrection’ which is neither a miracle beyond understanding nor arbitrary grace, but the spiritually ordained vocation of every man on this earth!

Bô Yin Râ