If the light-filled power of love is to be revealed
to you here, it is entirely appropriate that we first
honour the memory of the greatest man of love
among all those who have ever taken on a human
countenance on earth.

It may be that you confess his name, or perhaps you
distance yourself from those forms of belief which
have risen from the foundations of his teaching in
the course of the centuries, often preserving within
them merely contradictory remnants of his teachings
found in the ruins of ancient temples: – but, you
will find it hard to pass him by with indifference,
wherever the picture of his life reveals to you his

(From: The Book Of Love Page 14)

But know that also everything I impart to you here
comes from the same source from which Jehoshuah
once drew as a Luminary of the First Light!

There is no word that the ‘great man of love’ used
about himself that I could not use in the same way
about myself, were the need to arise…

In only one thing I must also bow before him full
of admiration; and as I truly know of this one thing, I
know also that there are none of my brothers who
also would not bow in reverence to him.

This one exception is the extent of the love which
found living expression in him and his works!

From his love you too can attain life, if you can
comprehend those things of which I bear tidings in
all my writings.

(From: The Book Of Love Page 53)


You know me only in one
Of my earthly forms,
And to it alone have you held fast in time…
You know only of the teacher who then died on the cross.

Who, as the greatest of all men of love,
Won back for all humanity that which was forfeited,
And could only be released by love…

You still do not know
That I was born within others of your kind,
And here always find again the son of the earth,
Born to an earthly woman,
To be for me an earthly vessel of physical life,
With whom I become one in body so that I might raise in him
All mankind on earth to the father!

(From: Above The Everyday Page 21)


Like that ‘great man of love’, I too must
confess: – I teach not ‘of myself’, – from my own
earthly perspective, but what the ‘Father’, whom I
serve in love, has handed over to me, I give to you! –

My teaching is just a depiction in words of
eternally effective occurrence, present for me
whenever I would consciously find myself in it…

The ability to comprehend the only first certainty
in this way is the sacred inheritance of all those who
are the light-begotten ‘sons’ of the ‘Father’!

Thus I teach you from the fullness of the ‘Word’,
as the ‘Father’ calls me to teach, and I proclaim to
you redemption in supreme love!

(From: The Book Of Love Page 97)

“I am the Way,
The Truth and the Life!”
Those who found the Father
Found him only through me!
Only in me
Can you raise yourself to the eternal!
Only in me
Do you find your true ‘I’! – –
I am the Word
That only speaks itself!
I am the Grace,
The Redemption
And the Light!

(From: Above The Everyday Page 20)


Bô Yin Râ refers to Jesus Christ by many connotations of which ‘the greatest man of love’ is most frequently used.
As in practically all his books Jesus is referred to many times, no special names of books nor pages therein have been given.
The many connotation are listed below in the original german language and in the English language of the Standard-translation©


Jesus Referenzen

In Bô Yin Râ’s Bücher

• Der Göttlichsten der Erdenmenschen.
• Der Sohn des Menschen/Menschensohn.
• Der grosse Liebende.
• Der Lehrer aus Nazareth.
• Der jüdische Lehrer.
• Der Nazarener.
• Der Meister van Nazareth.
• Jesus der Zimmermann.
• Der Erlöser.
• Der hohe Meister.
• Jehoshuah van Nazareth.
• Der Gesalbte.
• Christos
• Der Meister der Evangelien.
• Der Gekreuzigte.
• Der Verkünder der frohen Botschaft.
• Der Erhabene.
• Der Göttliche.
• Der Gottessohn von Nazareth.
• Jesus von Nazareth.

Jesus References

In Bô Yin Râ’s Books

• Most divine among the men of the earth
•Son of man
• Great man of Love
• Teacher from Nazareth
• Jewish teacher
• Nazarene
• Master of Nazareth
• Jesus carpenter
• The Saviour
• Exalted Master
• Joshua of Nazareth
• The anointed one
• Christos
• Master of the Gospels
• The crucified one
• Bearer of glad tidings
• The sublime one
• The divine one
• Son of God from Nazareth
• Jesus of Nazareth

The Book on Jesus Christ

His life, His teaching and His significance

A compilation from the Hortus Conclusus


If I am now asked about the knowledge which gives me the certainty to stand by the interpretation given in this book, for all current and future generations, I must begin with eradicating the mistaken idea that what I here present is somehow the fruit of my own ‘research’.
The paths leading to certainty here are so narrow and steep that all your own baggage, even the most supreme and sublime treasure of earthly wisdom, must be left behind, lest your feet stumble on these high roads. –

There is ‘knowledge’ which alone can know with certainty of these things!
‘Proofs’ are here attainable only for those who have, since the beginning of time, cultivated this way of ‘knowing’. They pass on what they attained themselves in like manner to those, in every human age, who have been confirmed; – namely, the ability of knowing through self-transformation, whereby the knower becomes knowledge from the object of knowledge. – –
And I speak from this knowledge.
I want to give certainty and know that certainty cannot be attained in any other way. –
Far be it from me to want to persuade readers to believe in my words.
Whoever wishes to establish whether I give my word and voice to truth, let him seek confirmation in himself – in the innermost part of his being.
He will not spend his time in vain if he sees what I have to show him in the way I am obliged to show him…
It is now my task and duty to recount the story of the exalted Master’s life which – hidden as his existence was to history – became a symbol of contradiction, and remains so today, through those legendary accounts of his life and through the cult which gave, in his name, fresh life to the dark mysticism of ancient religions.
I shall give an account here of things seen by those who speak with certainty, things which have long since been removed from external perception.

(From The Wisdom of John pdf pages: 18, 19, 31)


From the Hortus Conclusus by Bô Yin Râ

The admirer has taken chapters, passages and sections in their entirety without changing a word from various books written by a brother after the order of Melchizedek in order to testify of Jesus Christ.

At the end of each section the specific book and pages have been indicated.

To the main narrative of Jesus Christ have been added some clarifications, elucidations and explanations, all by Bô Yin Râ in prologues, intermezzi and epilogues in a different colour of print.

bo Yin Ra