Jesus Christ the great man of love 




If the light-filled power of love is to be revealed to you here, it is entirely appropriate that we first honour the memory of the greatest Man of Love among all those who have ever taken on a human countenance on earth.

It may be that you confess his name, or perhaps you distance yourself from those forms of belief which have risen from the foundations of his teaching in the course of the centuries, often preserving within them merely contradictory remnants of his teachings found in the ruins of ancient temples: – but, you will find it hard to pass him by with indifference, wherever the picture of his life reveals to you his teaching.

To be sure, – the story of his life has been buried in various ways. Today you can only hope to find a few of his sayings still unadulterated and in the way the exalted Master once spoke them to his followers. 

Yet, even from under the rubble enough of the authentic shines forth. If you have prepared your inner ability to sift out the authentic, then the rubble of ancient heathen cults and opinions of the ancient authors of the accounts will certainly no longer be able to distort for you the true picture of the Master.

With impartiality you must learn to test what is customarily offered up as the apparently ‘contemporary’ account of the life of a man who remained a mystery to his own contemporaries and successive generations until today…

Since no one dared to touch the old account where the teaching once spoken by the Master’s own lips had been distorted in the earliest days, free rein was given to every deluded belief which sought to interpret this teaching as it wished. This means that it is today futile to examine the doctrines which developed in this way with the aim of finding the ultimate truth of his teaching.

You will have to delve deeper if you are to find and when you have then found you can give the doctrine you have known and been guided by since your early youth, the depth which provides a proper foundation.

Far be it from me to advise you to flee your religious community. You would misinterpret the teaching I bring if you should imagine that I intended to create a new religious community!

There is, to be sure, no shortage of good forms of belief, though there is a lack of true ‘believers in deed’ nowadays!

Nothing could be further from my intention than the foolishly conceited wish to add yet another form of belief to those ancient ones!

I will, and I am bound to this by a timeless obligation of the spirit, bring to all belief the deeper understanding it needs, even if it is so sure of its own importance that it declares itself the ‘only true’ faith…

Once you understand, you will find that the teachings to which I have given expression are at the root of all religions; – – where the forms of your religious belief are your old and faithful helpers!

Timeless wisdom proclaims itself to you in this way, and the deepest original foundation of all ‘foundations of belief’ will be revealed to you. –

In it is rooted every form of belief, regardless which ancient or modern myth has invested it with symbols!

Do not be hastily satisfied with a judgement suggested by others so that it now seems to you to have arisen from within yourself!

Have confidence in yourself if here you wish to awaken your own ability for judgement! –

Do not be misled by the opinions of others, if you wish to get nearer to the truth yourself!

You can only distinguish the light of truth from that of deception and illusion through your own truth! 

Let us then seek the picture of the Master, inasmuch as it can be revealed by that account which mingled, in a ‘human, all too human’ way, the most sacred with personal opinion!

Jehoshuah, the Master of Nazareth, would reveal himself to you here through my words…

Seek then, undisturbed by prejudices or the opinions of others, to apprehend through feeling what I have to impart!

(From: The Book of Love pdf pages 14-18

at the root of all relegions