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Among those currently striving for spiritual renewal are undeniably very many who regarded the exalted Master of Nazareth from earliest youth as a divine teacher, – for these the “The Mystery of Golgotha” was the centre of their faith…

A deep faith in Christ may still live on in many, whilst others, in spiritual despair and doubt, have lost that which gave their childhood light and certainty of God. – – – –

For all of these I believe I can here raise many a veil hitherto concealing from their eyes that which alone can bring ultimate confirmation to their heart’s deepest yearning. –

We are talking about revealing the deep truth which assumed in the Son of God from Nazareth a living form which will send pure light rays into the remotest ages, even though this current age entertains many doubts about the truth of this life.

In the course of centuries a varied multitude of images has obscured the image of the “great Man of Love”, the sublime Master of the Gospels.

Even at the time when his feet wandered through the regions of Palestine there were only a few who truly knew who he was. Those the Holy Scriptures describe as his disciples may hardly be numbered amongst these few.

The words of his teaching remaining with us are coloured by all those who wished to give succour to their own delusions through his teaching….

Only very little can today be evaluated as the untarnished tidings of his life.

And yet, even the remnants of the accounts still shine with a message of light, which truly is “not of this world”, yet needed the work of a “Son of Man” to impart itself to the man of this earth.

Through the ages truth and legend have placed themselves in the radiation of this light.

The deepest of symbols seek illumination in it.

Old and new in turn were enlightened by it, but only in extremely rare cases was it recognised in its true essence.

The exalted Master’s divine teaching will not illuminate the profoundest depths for those who read the old reports, as long as the Master himself remains concealed behind the veils of those reports. –

Those who called themselves his servants were themselves far too distant from him in spirit to recognise him, and their chief concern was: – not to touch the old message.

Thus it came to pass that a new age, all too sure of its rationality, questioned the Master’s very existence.

But he whose saying was reported: “I will be with you until the end of the world” – was of a different stature than his servants and of a different stature than his deniers.

Blessed are you if you recognise his exalted, pure features when reading this book!

Even if you do not call yourself after his teaching, or rather the teaching created in his name, – you will still belong to him henceforth, when you have recognised who he really was – and is…

Then you will read with different eyes the accounts telling of him, and all grounds for doubting will be removed from you. –

If you are a believer in the old doctrine which built its cathedrals on his teaching, then his light – if you read well – will illuminate the darkness of their halls. Many a teaching which used to lay heavily upon your shoulders and which you dared not touch for fear of sacrilege will become a dear burden for you, a jewel which you would never wish to be without. –

You will learn in this book the origins of my knowledge which I am imparting to you here; truly you will find that this knowledge is based on truth and far from all deception!

I do not wish to estrange you from your faith and truly I honour the pious vessels of the altars; – but I will give your faith substance and let inexhaustible wells flow again. –

Therefore take this book and let its words be a blessing to you!

If you find things which at first seem strange to you, be not too hasty in your decision!

You will have to read often, until the rubble-filled shafts of your mind can be freed, – so that the living waters of the ancient depths of your being may rise to the light!

Consider that many centuries have cast their “potsherds” into your well. Only you can remove this rubble. –

(From: The Mystery of Golgotha pdf pages 5-9)

great man of love Jesus Christ


The wise teacher who wandered through his native land was a Jew and sought to be understood firstly only by Jews. Even crazed racial hatred can change nothing in all eternity regarding this truth, however hard the attempt is made to deny the Jewish people’s greatest son his ancestry!

As a Jew, he had to draw upon the spiritual treasure of his people if the value of that timeless wisdom was to become comprehensible to those whose teacher he wanted to become. Originally, he saw himself as sent 
only to the ‘Children of Israel’, and in the synagogues he sought to demonstrate the truth of his teaching ‘through the scriptures’: – the ancient religious books of Orthodox Judaism.

Thus the seed was sown, – involuntarily, – of the first error. His listeners tried to understand him as a teacher of their faith and bent every direct and upright word he uttered to fit in with their own tortuous interpretations of the faith of their fathers.

He continually strove to counter this error; yet he was already, in his spiritual experience too far removed from their narrowness so that he could not comprehend the severity of his listeners’ ‘deafness’.

He often laments the fact that this people would not ‘hearken’ to his words.

He curses the people who only have ‘ears with which they do not hear’ so that they rushed headlong towards their own perdition.

And as the end of his life actually approached – the presentiment of this end he had felt long before – all his exalted courage collapses into a bitter lament, – he weeps for Jerusalem,(Matthew 23:37-39)(Luke 19:41-44) for it did not recognise in his days, what he sought to impart to his people …

The few he had nonetheless chosen often had to suffer hard words (John 6:60) for the sake of the narrowness of their hearts; and only rarely did he trust their power to comprehend.

On occasions he sought to convince himself that those who were outwardly so devoted and loyal must have truly understood his real mission. But then, full of suffering and pity, he saw how far removed from his teaching their hearts were. –

So he wandered through the regions of Palestine, preached in the ‘schools’, – the rural synagogues, – demonstrating those traces of wisdom found in the ancient scriptures, preached to the people in the language of the people, as to awaken their hearts, – confided the secret of his mission to friends who could not understand it because they were too caught up in their national dreams of a Messiah – and was misunderstood by all, – apart from the one ‘he loved’.

He spoke of his ‘Father’, and they thought he was speaking about their tribal god, even though he refused categorically to serve this ‘god of vengeance’ who had spoken ‘to the ancients’ and he taught, demolishing that god’s supposed ‘commandment’, through the power of the spirit: – “But I say unto you…”(Matthew 5:38,44)

He spoke of his exalted mission, and they deluded themselves into thinking that he sought to re-establish the external dominion of their kingdom on earth, even though he had announced long before that he ruled over a kingdom whose eternal might was ‘not of this earth’.(John 18:36)

He spoke of what had become ‘flesh and blood’ within him and preached the incarnation of the spirit, –(John 6:53-54) yet they understood that his body, once bestowed on him by this earth, had to become their earthly nourishment.

These poor, whom he was able to heal of disease through the healing power which belonged to his earthly body and which scarcely impinged on the spiritual being he knew to be his essential self, – trusted him as their helper, yet had no idea that he could have dispensed the same physical help, even if he had not been spiritually who he was…

Can he be blamed if his earthly self, in an hour of weakness, succumbed to the temptation to put his faith in the cries of hosanna promising him earthly power – and that this power appeared temptingly in reach, even if he only wanted to use it to help the souls of men?! –

Here is the brief entanglement with guilt which even this life could not escape; for no man who has ever lived on this earth remains free of guilt!

Certainly, he especially sought, for the sake of his supreme spiritual mission, death at the hands of men, because only through such a death could he give the ultimate he had to give, – yet, truly this death came to him too soon, and he needed uttermost strength to accept it willingly, so that from the depths of his soul he begged his ‘Father’ that he might change this destiny – ‘if it were possible’.

He believed he still had ‘many things’ to tell his pupils; things, which at that time, as he clearly saw, they could ‘not yet bear’…

But when a messenger from the community of light to which he belonged, finally showed him in that dread-filled night at Gethsemane, (Luke 22:43) that the way he had prepared for himself could not be diverted, not even by the ‘Father’ of all those working within this community of light, – then he withdraws within himself to find himself within the priest-kingship of the Luminaries and walks as a hero his last heavy path, weighed down by the wood of the gallows. –

And on this martyr’s cross, which later was to give new significance to an ancient sacred symbol belonging to long forgotten venerable cults, he fulfilled the ultimate act of love – a mystery to all those who stood around him, – and mystery still to all, with the exception of a few rare seers, to this very day!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Let no one imagine that this death as such contained this ultimate act of love!

Here is a mystery that I have, in awe, dared to reveal elsewhere *– but only because duty required it of me…

From: The Book Of Love, pdf pages 19-26