Jesus Christ the great man of love 




His deed transcends all human powers of comprehension to the extent that those who were the first to suspect its greatness had to make him into a God in order not to feel crushed by such human greatness! – – –

Yet his work of redemption has no need of myths telling of a vengeful tribal god who sends mankind his “son” as man of mankind, in order to satisfy his own thirst for revenge through its cruelty.

What this “great Man of Love” offered mankind by way of an inheritance from the realm of the spirit was truly different from that “substitute satisfaction” which an easy need for salvation conceived in order to avoid the feeling of duty to perform any deed itself. –

On the cross of Golgotha the world was indeed “released” from a bondage, even if completely different from the way in which those who suspected tried to comprehend it! – –

As the Master of Nazareth suffered in his most exalted hours the death he had continually sought, and finally found, on the Roman gallows, he accomplished something which was incomparably greater than what so many before and after him did who sacrificed their lives on this earth to their conviction. –

The one who died on the cross at Golgotha was the only one there who knew in all clarity what was happening. Only he was able, through this “death of love”, to break the bars which had locked the gateway to freedom for spiritual man ever since he had been subjected to the beast of this earth and to the impulses and inclinations of this beast to such a degree that redemption from beastly destiny hardly seemed possible any more. –

Only “one with knowledge” could recognise that it was possible for the highest act of love of a man to reawaken a spiritual power within the sphere of human might, – to awaken it in such a way that it could be grasped by all who proved to be threateningly enveloped by the creepers of beastly instincts, – that only one who had merged the beast with his spiritual into a new being could pave the way for those who wanted to follow him. –

Truly: – this “one with knowledge” had to be, at the same time, a Man of Love to an unheard of extent in order to be able to bring about the intended deed. For many before him possessed the same knowledge and yet were unable to overcome the horror of the deed, although certainly they were not lacking in love. – – 

The path to the spirit was thus opened up by Jesus of Nazareth to all those who want to bring to life in themselves, that what was his life. –

The God in the beast had united within himself the beast into that new being which he was accustomed to call the “Son of Man”, the “Son” spiritual man propagates in the beast when he overcomes the beast which enslaved him by revealing to him his power and beauty. –

The same occurs in each of the “Luminaries of the First Light”, but none found within himself that over-abundance of love which would have led him to perform the deed by which the Master of Nazareth awoke a power to new life for which attainment the wisest always strove, however without being able to make it of use to others in the same way. –

It was not death in itself which led to the renewal of this power in the spiritual aura of the earth; nor was it achieved by the tortures which preceded the death of the Master.

The power of love alone was able to bring about the miracle! – – –

The fact that he who suffered torture and death, could “forgive” humanity, forgive until the last death rattle, that alone was his effective “redemptive deed”. For according to spiritual law, spiritual man, wherever he lives on earth, overcome by the beast, and thus entangled in debt, is released from his dependence through love, – in as far as he just takes the hand offered him in help; in as far as he assimilates within himself what had become “flesh and blood” of the Luminary, in order to unite the beast within him to the spirit…

Only the one to whom “the Father had given everything” could bring such “forgiveness” encompassing all humanity!

Profound truth is concealed under the mantle of myth when the old account has the Master “descend” after his death on the cross to the souls of the righteous from ancient times. For the consequence of his deed is not fixed in time, – it makes itself felt to those departed long ago as well as to those born only after thousands of years. –

From The Mystery of Golgota pdf pages 26-31


Let those who can comprehend this, comprehend it!

A stream of spiritual power was opened up here to every human spirit through love, the love this book proclaims to you, a stream of power which could only be disclosed by the sacrifice of one omnipotent in love. –

Here the ‘God’ of vengeance, – the most malicious demon among the invisible powers within the physical cosmos, – was vanquished by an earthly man through the absolute eradication of every impulse for revenge: – an act possible only to the highest form of spiritual love…

The events narrated by the ancient account concerning what is supposed to have happened after the death of the greatest of men of love are, if you wanted to understand them historically: – myth, yet this myth contains within it the deepest truth.

The Master did indeed ‘rise’ from the grave; (John 20:12), (Luke 24:6), (Matthew 28:6) – however, his earthly body could in truth have been of no further use to him. –

The ‘young man in white apparel’ (John 20:12), (Luke 24:4),(Matthew 28:3) was indeed no delusion on the part of anxious women, – however, note also the clues to the truth which the writer of that ancient record was unable to erase, since they were neither visible nor comprehensible to him, – and had to report against his will, however much he subsequently tried to wipe them from the account: –

Indeed, it was not the exalted Master’s disciples who had taken his earthly corpse; so that with good reason the chronicler could claim that this was a false ‘rumour.(Matthew 28:11-15)

But the Master had in his days on earth often met with others in the solitude of the mountains, well away from other people. These others were not of his own people, but were of his kind, united with him in that community of light in which he was a brother, and with which he was spiritually interwoven …

When he took three of his twelve disciples on one occasion with him to the mountain where he was accustomed to ‘pray’ and there allowed them to see his ‘transfiguration’ into his spiritual form, his loyal followers believed, on seeing two men in white apparel next to their Master, that they had to be two of the prophets of old, – ‘Moses’ and ‘Elijah’ – so that the Master, full of disappointment when seeing their error, forbade them to tell the others about it. – – –(Matthew 17:1-8), (Mark 9:2-8), (Luke 9:28-36)

He perceived that all his teaching was unable to liberate them from the narrowness of their tribal faith and that he would only create confusion if he sought to clear up the error. –

Yet those ‘men in white apparel’ and the ‘young man’ the women found in the tomb were not strangers to each other. As they wanted to avoid a cult growing up around the dead body of their exalted brother they did what is still today customary in their land with earthly remains: – – they consigned them to the consuming flames after having carefully chosen and prepared a location where they would be completely undisturbed…

I speak here as one taught by him who could truly say of himself that he would remain with men “until the end of the world” (Matthew 28:20), – as one taught by those I may call my exalted brothers who in that night once caused the guards to sink into a deep, deathlike sleep so that they could carefully fulfil their brother’s own will, which was at the same time also their own. –

I am well aware that many will here accuse me of self-deception, indeed, the ‘blind who lead the blind’, may self-righteously hurl much worse at my words.

It is the mark of crippled souls to deny any manifestation of life where they lack the spiritual organs to record it!

I am well aware that I am touching here upon things many regard as ‘sacrosanct’. Yet the redemptive teaching of the greatest of men of love truly undergoes greater transfiguration through truth than through the most ancient pious deception, unwittingly perpetrated and passed on through custom, – and what is more, it would cease being deception if it were to be regarded as a fantasy which merely intended to wrap a cloak of symbolism around truth…

Not even that mass awakening which took place in Jerusalem at the ‘Jewish festival of Pentecost’ (Acts 2:1-41) was able to strip away all veils from the souls of those who now believed in the Master since they had ‘seen’ him repeatedly after his death.


These souls were too confined for the ‘spirit of truth’, once promised by the Master, to be able to bring them to perfection from within themselves.

Thus Paul, that true Man of Love, called the ‘Apostle to the Gentiles’ and ‘preacher unto nations’, had a difficult task when he, who once truly experienced in himself the ‘spirit of truth’ in deepest trembling and thereafter knew who the exalted Master was, – met those who were all too confined, yet daring to call themselves disciples of the ‘Anointed One’! –

And yet even the former pupil of the Pharisees, having become a witness to Christ, had not shaken off all his prejudices. In good faith he was to mingle with the Master’s teaching some old elements with which he was familiar. Nevertheless, he saw much more clearly than those others, calling themselves ‘messengers’ of a teaching which was once described by the Master himself as ‘glad tidings’. –

Unfortunately the teaching turned out to be far from glad. In the course of centuries it gained power over souls, self-righteously basing itself on the Master’s words about ‘glad tidings’!––

John, however, whom the Master ‘loved’ according to the ancient account, kept silent and those who kept their silence stayed with him.

He alone possessed what the Master had once written down for him with his own hand. It was at a later date that he allowed a few he deemed worthy to make a copy of it.

Had Jesus, as is commonly thought, just taught through the spoken word and written nothing down, one can be sure that not a single word he spoke would have passed down to us! – –

The original text and the copy were then, as I have said elsewhere, destroyed by those who possessed their greatest treasure in these writings of the Master, since they feared that the sacred might one day be profaned.

This fact too has been shown to me only by those who are spiritually united with me in the First Light; they alone can ‘know’ about this. But later generations may well stumble upon textual or other clues which will reveal the truth of my words from outside, for I have a spiritual vision of such fragments and texts still existing on earth, even if I cannot say for sure where exactly they lie at rest…

Certain traces are plainly visible to everyone in that part of the ancient account which has been attributed to the one the Master once ‘loved’. –

The inadequacies of this part of the ancient account are easily understood when it is known that their author, who was close to John’s circle of disciples, whilst basing his record on the Master’s writings, sought to weave into them bits of tradition and legend in his possession.

Clearly, nothing that has been attributed to the disciple the Master ‘loved’ was written by his hand; only, the nature of the texts which bear his name is not far removed from what he might have written, – had he put pen to paper.

Yet all these questions only have importance for those who would like to comprehend from without those things which can only be comprehended from within. –

They are also the ones to ask who taught the exalted Master, and are all too ready to give credence to the many legends telling how Jesus had been in India during that period in his life of which the account has nothing to say; – alternatively: that he had reached his perfection in Egypt.

None of this is true!

It is true that his earthly father sought work in Egypt, where artisans were well paid at the time, to provide for his family and return home with his savings in precisely the way craftsmen from Italy and other countries still do today. However, at that time, he to whom his radiant nature was later revealed, was still a child and really not mature enough to reach the perfection of his earthly nature, which is the precondition for each one who is to experience his own radiance within the First Light in a consciously earthly manner.

But there was really no need for him to set off on a journey to India, for what was bound to come to him ‘from India’ did indeed come. The wondrous depiction of the ‘wise men from the Orient’, priest-kings who saw ‘his star’ and brought him their gifts – was only backdated to his early childhood because the writers of the account only knew it themselves as a vague story, and because it better suited the miraculous they sought to attach to the Master’s early childhood.

The pious ancient authors of the account found alien to them the thought that spiritual matters can only be comprehended in the spirit, just like those who seek miracles in our days, though the Master emphasised that God could only be sought ‘in the spirit’. – (John 4:24)

Of necessity there was not even the slightest element of the miraculous about the external events of the Master’s childhood.

He was a child just like his playmates, and when he acquired enough strength to help his father with his physically demanding work, he learnt to ply that trade like every other carpenter at the time, building houses and fashioning various wooden artefacts.

His inner development, however, remained secret, as it is with everyone of the same spiritual kind. What was needed for this spiritual development in no way hindered his external activities.

As a man of this earth who had learnt to comprehend his spiritual might, which had been perfected long before his mother’s body had brought him the garb of the earth, he was far from being one to stand aloof where life made demands. Indeed, he would never have achieved his high goal if he had been estranged from life.

He was a craftsman until the hour came which called him to a different vocation where he could demonstrate that he knew how to ‘read’ the ‘scriptures’ better than the ‘scribes’ – without being ‘qualified’, as they were.

He never performed the fakir miracles which the writers of the account heap upon him; – yet many of the ‘miracles’ attributed to him have deep symbolic content, and are therefore: full of truth; whilst his innate power of healing made him capable of many deeds which may have appeared ‘miraculous’ to those around him, but had not the slightest connection with his spiritual mission.

It is indescribably blasphemous to say that he who really knew what is of the body and what is of the spirit made allusion to his ‘wondrous signs’ in order to exact belief in his message, – – and only naïve ignorance could attribute words to him which he supposedly uttered to draw attention to his miracles in the expectation that this would give some external confirmation to the Master’s teaching.

For the sake of ‘fishing for men’ his teaching has been sinned against in a way that is hard to put into words. These sins, committed by foolish disseminators of badly distorted doctrine, still exert an influence today. There is no end in sight for such misleading practices!

May I succeed here in shedding just a little light for all men ‘of good will’!

Bô Yin Râ ''Illumination''


The violation of faith suffered by many who only know the distorted version of the Master’s teaching, and who are continually led into further doubts by recent outward research into the ancient accounts, has truly reached an intolerable level. Now at last a clarification is needed which can only be expected from those who – know the herald of this teaching who lives interwoven within their circle. For he went out from that circle, sent by the ‘Father’; and to that circle he returned, once his work on earth appeared to be accomplished!

Only from here can present and future generations find the key to unlock many ‘mysteries’. Scholarship too, taking this approach to its investigations, can one day find what it is capable of finding; thereby making its discoveries suitable for those who can only comprehend what can be ‘grasped’. –

All of man’s questions which search beyond his mere physical existence on earth will one day find their answer, once one has learnt to recognise with greater understanding the influence of that spiritual hierarchy whose most significant and important emissary was the Master of Nazareth…

How falsely counselled are all those who believe that weak-minded sentiment, so commonly called the ‘love of one’s fellow men’, is commended by the exalted teaching of this wise man! – –

It was often difficult for their counsellors to explain the Master’s actions, as recorded in the account, in a way that, in their opinion, the explanation was the right one. – –

For there are things which do not quite fit if you try to insert into the account that picture of ‘gentle Jesus meek and mild’ which is the product of sanctimonious sermons…

The powerful one who, despite all deformation of the pure tidings, is still alive in them, bears practically no resemblance to those sentimental pictures dreamt up by weak faith to suit its own sweet and sickly bearing …

Many a saying within the ‘Scriptures’ can only be made to fit these pictures if someone with an extended conscience falsifies this ‘word of the scripture’ in order to provide the desired ‘explanation’, until even the little that was preserved from earlier attempts to obscure the truth has vanished too. –

It would seem blasphemous to those sentimental ‘scriptural’ exegetes to think that the exalted Master could ever have felt the same power of love in his earthly life which his ‘servant’, whether allowed by the articles of his faith or not, very clearly feels within his own flesh – yet he is compelled to call it ‘sinful’ because he has no inkling of its divine source!

They would deem it blasphemous that this form of love flows forth from the same power which also creates that supreme form of love, which became teaching and action in the life of the exalted Master, – which could give him the strength to perform that act of love by which the priest-king who he was, crowned all humanity on the Cross!

And yet, you will never find the love the Master knew if you only arouse sentimental feelings within yourself and call your feelings of philanthropy coupled with pity – ‘Love’! – –

This feeble image of supposed ‘love’ is hard to reconcile with: the Master filled with contempt for the contemptible, who escorted by disciples, made a scourge to drive out the merchants defiling the temple, – who kicked over the money changers’ gold and who castigated his people’s priests with harsh words for which they could, in their lust for vengeance, never forgive him! 

In order to harmonise such actions with their own lack of calling, it was necessary to invent the idea of ‘divine indignation’; they then shamelessly ascribed to the exalted Master’s ‘Father in heaven’ all those vicious characteristics which according to fear-evoking, ancient priestly dogma fulfilled the image of that dour tribal god which the exalted Master overcame spiritually with his powerful saying:

“But I say unto you…!” (Matthew 5:44)

No! – If you would see love propagate reality and life within you, you must indeed walk different paths to those you have been shown!

Can you not see that the power of love at its highest level will in no way show itself as a weaker manifestation than it would at a lower level where it already heightens all your senses, actions and endeavours, so that you often break shackles which never before seemed breakable to you?!? –

Only when you seek something within yourself which awakens the same powers at the highest spiritual level as well, and masters everything that otherwise would keep you in shackles, you will be able to find within you the love which the Master lived! – –

Only then will you attain the freedom of ‘the children of light’ and the ‘peace which this world cannot give’!

You must also not see any new ‘commandments’ in the words of the ancient account!

Believe me, and be not deceived by attempts to obscure the truth: – the Master never used the word ‘commandment’ and he never gave ‘commandments’!

He never even gave expression, as the account mentions, to the ‘commandment’ to love!


grat man of love


At best he occasionally quoted from the ‘scripture’: …. “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself!” – when he wanted to show those orthodox fanatics within his own people that he was well acquainted with their ‘law’…

The transformation of his words of counsel into commandments resulted from the habitual constraint of his pupils by ‘commandments’ and ‘keeping commandments’! They had no other way of understanding his words of counsel than as ‘commandments’!

They needed, being true to the observance of ancient Jewish religion, commandments – – and the threat of punishment for breaking commandments! –

Now when the Master spoke of becoming blessed, they freely used what he said to create a ‘recipe’ for how to become blessed! To their narrow minds, you only needed to keep the ‘commandments’ to be sure of future success in ‘the world to come’.

It is no different today from the befuddled brains of those who believe that light and certainty of knowledge is attainable through some mysterious ‘exercises’ which are constantly being recommended in dubious tracts.

Now the authentic elements that the ancient accounts contained in their first version were in themselves only echoes of the Master’s teaching; in the best possible scenario they were recollections of events which took place some decades previously…

It is indeed a blasphemous undertaking to hold the spirit of eternity responsible for such documents. Their very authors were in the thrall of the delusion of ancient doctrines circulating at that time in a novel variation, and they were still far from liberated from their submission to a malicious tribal god. In this condition they sought to shape the teaching of the Master anew, based on fading memories and vague knowledge; thus they could not even notice the extent of their distortion! – –

Never did the exalted Master give his pupils ‘commandments’; otherwise he would not have been the exalted Luminary he was, is and always will remain!

His teaching was based on the formulations: ‘blessed are you!’ and ‘woe unto you!’ – just as are all the teachings of his brothers: – those fellow workers united with him in the realm of the spirit…

He gave his blessing and he gave his condemnation; but he was far from ever ‘commanding’!

As a Luminary of the First Light he really knew for certain, that blessedness can never be attained through ‘commandments’, – and that salvation can only be achieved when it is freely sought.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

If then you are to rescue the Master’s teaching from the ancient account, you will, to be sure, have to discard much that has been dear and valuable to you since your youth! However, some other passages you will be able to preserve, precisely because you have recognised them as being later additions.

Take care that you do not eradicate too much as false!

You must not on any account choose anything like modern rationalism as your touchstone!

Wait for a good while until the true meaning of my words awakens within you your own confirmation!

I have given you all the criteria of the true ‘sayings of the Lord’.

In addition pay heed to the following:

‘Kyrios’ (‘Sir’) is used as a form of address everywhere Greek is spoken to any one who is not a beggar.

‘Kyrie eleison’ pleads the beggar sitting by the side of the street to those passing by.

This may teach you not to misinterpret from false timidity the word: ‘Lord’ in the ancient account, and to give it a meaning which it received long after the Master’s death in the developing new cult.

His pupils used the word ‘Rabbi’ in addressing the Master; this word too can be misinterpreted, since today only properly installed preachers in a synagogue may use this title in public.

Yet I might add that even today one well acquainted with the scriptures within a Jewish community can receive the honorary title of ‘rabbi’, even though he might be a tradesman or artisan in his workaday life.

This was precisely the way in which the title was bestowed upon the carpenter who ‘revealed the scriptures’ to his followers, since he was a Master of the exalted radiance, a member of the community of light here on earth, from which you may have heard as the ‘White Lodge’ – a fairly recent name which I have just kept because of its usefulness as a visualisation!

Those who are his brothers, – completely at one in spiritual union with him as he is with them – call him: ‘the great Man of Love’, since none of them accomplished before him that act of love to which he offered himself freely in sacrifice, – since none after him can accomplish a deed which could compare in any way with his work of love, through which the spiritual ‘aura’ of this earth was changed for all time and for all the inhabitants of this earth; ever since, spiritual regions are accessible to all men which previously were open only to very few individuals in an unimaginable mastery of themselves.

I am well aware that my words cannot tell you what that love is which became life in the greatest Man of Love the earth has ever seen…

I can only show you how you can trace the path of this life, despite all the rubble covering the tidings which would tell you of this life.

May you feel the teaching of this life in its purity within your innermost being, where alone it may be received in all its power, so that the Master might find in you a worthy pupil!

But know that also everything I impart to you here comes from the same source from which Jehoshuah once drew as a Luminary of the First Light!

There is no word that the ‘great Man of Love’ used about himself that I could not use in the same way about myself, were the need to arise…

In only one thing I must also bow before him full of admiration; and as I truly know of this one thing, I know also that there are none of my brothers who also would not bow in reverence to him.

This one exception is the extent of the love which found living expression in him and his works!

From his love you too can attain life, if you can comprehend those things of which I bear tidings in all my writings.

Blessed are you if you do not find ‘offence’ in my words; for perhaps the man of whom I speak here was also a ‘God’ to you, as he was to countless others in their own imaginings or in the image passed on by others, although during his life on earth no word would have been strong enough for him to abjure such deification! – – 

However, I am not speaking here of your ‘God’, constructed by earth-bound opinions of innumerable minds over the last two thousand years, to whom you have given the name of the great Man of Love following your blinkered, fear-inspired teachers’ injunction to do so.

I speak only of that earthly man, united with the spirit, who after the torture and death of his earthly body became, against his will, the model of that image of God with its all too human limitations…

The deepest roots of the urge to fashion gods according to human likeness is familiar to me. Like you, I respect the exalted forms of man, modelled to the best of his ability, which have served man in good faith as objects of devotion through the centuries.

Yet: – I am also inseparably united with the spiritual being of the historical man who unintentionally became the cause for this object of devotion being erected in his name.

I am instructed by the spiritual structure of life which begot me from itself in the same way as it once gave birth to him into a body of man to give voice and testimony to this spiritual being…

I can await the time when these words will not be regarded as presumption nor as the expression of mental disturbance!

From: The Book of Love pdf pages 21-55