Hortus Conclusus


For man on this earth directed solely by observations conditional on the human brain and the conclusions in thought derived from them, almost everything which is ‘eternal’ about him – that is, all which is not subjected to any imagined conclusion or dissolution – is truly a ‘hortus conclusus’: – an enclosed garden! The presence of such a realm, inaccessible to the physical senses and to all thought, is at times intuited, at other times felt, and within large groups of people believed; yet he who intuits, feels or believes remains outside the wall separating the enclosed garden of being conscious of his own eternity: – the ‘lost paradise’ – from those areas open to the possibilities of earthly knowledge. Those individuals who find themselves not yet satisfied with everything they intuit, feel and believe, wander ceaselessly along the insurmountable wall of separation in order to discover a hidden gap they can enlarge and squeeze through. To their surprise, the most fortunate amongst these seekers come across the only narrow gate, found only with great difficulty, which could give access to the ‘enclosed garden’ if they only knew how to open it. But instead of waiting with patience and trust for the door to be opened to them one day from within, nearly all of those fortunate enough to find this gate seek to acquire wondrous duplicate keys from the slyest locksmiths. They waste their time on earth in ever novel and unsuccessful attempts to break open the lock from outside which can only be opened from the inside of the ‘enclosed garden’. This is a waste of effort and a fatal self-deception!
Only one who is himself aware of the eternal, being through his own spiritual nature at home in the garden firmly sealed against all earthly insistence, can open the mysterious doorway from within.


The teaching in thirty-two books and booklets
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Book 2

Yet, even when opened in this way, no one is admitted who has not cast off from himself all burdens resulting from rational speculation, and every disguise with which he has covered himself; so he may enter as naked and exposed as when he left his mother’s womb.
The whole of my life’s work has always been to open anew this gate from within; from there I guide along many different paths all those who would take nothing else with them than what belongs to their eternal life, leading them to the temples of teaching I have erected, with columns clearly inscribed with words of eternally true teaching.
Every teaching imparted by me to my fellow men is enclosed within the wall of this ‘hortus conclusus’, so that I am completely justified in bequeathing the whole of my teaching under this name which integrates myself and which seems to me for good reasons to be a fitting name with which to describe symbolically this final work. This book also makes answers imparted to individuals privately over the decades, accessible to many. As with the book ‘Letters To One And Many’, it is intended to open the eyes of those introduced to and trusting in my teachings, to the fact that the collection of books and writings containing what I have to impart from the eternal, must be seen as a whole which is rooted within the eternal and can be accessible if those conditions are fulfilled which the eternal requires. I have spoken often enough of these conditions and I have described their nature once more in the previous lines.


(From: Hortus Conclusus, Pages 4,5,6,7,8)

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