Hortus Conclusus 

Hortus Conclusus

Conversation at the gate
On the simplicity in everything eternal
On the changing position and on the ‘rungs’
On states of consciousness and help in suffering
On the consciousness of the departed
On the sublime commitment of the helpers
On the caricature of the eternal ‘I’
Once more on truth and reality
On temporal and eternal space
On the tradition of Asiatic religion
On the mystery of the east
On the forms of religion
On assent and faith
On false images of God
On the meaning of all teaching
Where I am merely a messenger

Those to whom I have nothing to say
On the eternal salvation of the soul
On the delaying desire to ask questions
On the temporal and the eternal soul
What remains after death
On a name and a makeshift
The conclusions one should reach oneself
On gross underestimation
On the plight of pastoral workers
How the eternal is ‘natural’ to itself

To conclude and goodbye

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