The High Goal 



It was not intellectual invention which impelled wise men in ancient times to exhort men to seek the spirit in silence and to await its call behind ‘locked doors’. –
What can be heard in the inner being, will only be audible to the soul; only through feeling will it be able to hear what can never be registered in words of human language…
Blessed is he who can hear this through feeling!


It is not given to everyone to hear the call of the spirit immediately.
They will often have to persevere for a long time in ‘prayer’ before their inner being opens up in such a way that they comprehend the call within themselves…


Just as the trained ear recognises the melody in the distant playing of strings, whereas to other ears it remains simply an indistinct sound, so too the soft call of the spirit is only heard by those who know how to attune their inner ear and let the soul become aware of spiritual things so that it can also interpret the sounds it hears. – – –


 High Goal 



Deafened by the noise of cacophonous day, so many roam through the desert, – waiting for the call that could reach them and unaware of their deafness.
In vain the call of the spirit seeks to move them…
Those besotted with noise must first of all become aware of their deafness in order to get back their hearing in silence. 
If spiritual things then reach his ear again, he will have to learn to constantly shut out the noise of the outside world without, however, fleeing from it. –
Whatever surrounds him, he must continually keep himself in silence!
The noise of the day must not penetrate into his inner being, even if it rages all around him outwardly. –


Whoever wishes to hear the call of the spirit only must direct his hearing inwards.
Only in his inner being can he learn to hear those things which never became words…
Noise and din will not deafen him if he can listen within himself!
In the midst of the outer world which surges around him, he will be an island of silence for himself.
He will learn to ignore the raging of the waves and the howling of the storm, and from the silence within himself the exalted call of the spirit will resound for him! –


The silence needed here will not be disturbed by deeds and works!
The call can never be heard where the silence of death reigns!
Only where life propels its waves will inner silence remain full of the life from which the spirit can propagate the spiritual in man.
Only this propagation of the spirit hears the call of the spirit! Only through it can man receive knowledge – of himself! – – –
Whoever wants to hear himself called by his ‘name’ in any other way will always wait in vain…
The call he yearns for can only come from inside, when the innermost being has been awoken by the propagating power of the spirit which only becomes effective in silence. Spiritual things can only be heard from the innermost of the inner being!


The teaching imparted unto you from without is but a preparation for you.
It should make your inner being aware of the spirit so that at some time the call from the innermost part of your being can be apprehended by you.
What can be said of the spirit will only be said unto you by the teaching. The reality of the spirit can, however, only approach you in experience!
You cannot receive the life of the spirit in any other way than by inward experience. – – – 
So, turn with all your strength to your inner self and ask the spirit in yourself to awaken your innermost being!
Persist in this ‘prayer’ until you are heard!
Keep yourself in silence and in certain confidence!
Even your ‘prayer’ must not disturb the silence! –
Even less should you demand and press for what will happen to you of its own accord as soon as your inner being has been prepared through silence. –


Await your day in joyful stillness! Be active with all your external powers in the outside world, but do not allow the tabernacle of your inner being to be desecrated by external concerns! Always protect the silence in your inner being and do not be deflected by external storms!
No noise from the outside world must reach the inner being within you!
Thus one day – on your given day – you will fathom your deepest depths and be raised to your most exalted heights!
Thus one day you will hear the call of the spirit within you and know yourself in the spirit! –
In the life of the spirit you will then find yourself in eternal life!