Eternal Reality 



All people ready for light
Can experience God’s presence
Within themselves, 
If they truly would perceive 
Within themselves God: –
The Eternal, Living One
Who is himself Love – 
In his abundantly good

Yet most who rummage
Through brain and heart
For the trace of God
Want in truth to feel
Trembling and shaking,
Hidden earthly things,
As pleasurable enjoyment.

And others
Seeking in despair
The God
Of their own creation
Must learn to understand
That they are merely calling themselves,
Whether they are praying and worshipping
Or cursing ‘godlessly’ within themselves
The god they once believed in.

Only he will become aware of God,
Self-certain, as about his own existence
Here on earth,
Who within himself 
Learns to love Love
And for the sake of Love has removed
His soul as high as mountain peaks
From all the hate and envy-filled
Pastures of the dark and lustful herd.