The Book Of Dialogues

Knowledge and Occurrence
Light and Shade
The Power of the Spirit
The Jewel of the Heart
Crossing Over
Conversation on the Innermost East
Conversation on the Departure of the Perfected One
The Flower Garden
The Bad Pupils
The Night of the Trial
Individuality and Personality
The Realm of the Soul
Finding Oneself
On the Older Brothers of Mankind




I saw stars twinkle up,
No one before me had seen, –
Nearest had to vanish,
Furthest I beheld from nearby …

I have heard sounds
Rarely anyone heard,
Words have come to me,
Taken by ‘The Word’ from the First Word …

He who had been a ‘master’ to me
Gave to me his hand as ‘brother’ …
Thus I was healed from ‘dreaming’
Thus I discovered the radiant land. – –

There I was ‘hallowed’
After long years of duty:
The sons of the highest forces,
They had guided the ‘brother’ to the light. –
Now I am drowned in the ‘light’

Like a drop in the eternal sea …
Vanished is what I left behind,
And empty the time when it was alive. –

I found what only few have found,
I saw what only few have seen – –
I experienced, still tied to the earth,
The becoming of my ‘eternal kingdom’ …

And yet, – if ever I wanted to withdraw from the
My deep heartfelt love,
Then – – my soul too would have to flee
From those radiant lands…