Temple of the deep

Showing The Way

Phenomenon and Experience
Understanding and Teaching
Learning to read
The Cult of Personality
The Urge to Criticise
Who was Jakob Böhme?
The Power of Healing
The Dangers of Mysticism

In verse

Temple of the deep
Outer and inner
Plurality in unity
The mystery of water
The eternal
Mysterium magnum
Strange seekers
All too dignified being
Necessary discipline
To those who mean well
The freedom of friends
Blossom or fruit
Wise distribution
The know-all
The arrogant

Temple of the deep


You shall not hover in the skies!
You shall stand firmly on the earth!
Yet if you strive for the core of things
You must go down into the depths! –
Where floods from the clouds
Pour forth into the earth’s lap;
Where in the fiery passion of love
‘Man and woman’ in purity enjoy one another!
Where the propagating powers
Forever impregnate the earth anew: –
There, where the great men of old
Have already sought life’s very stream! – –
Yet only one who has washed with care
Away the dust of the everyday
Will there be blessed …
Only his faith will gain admittance!