the teaching of Jesus christ

The teaching of Jesus Christ

First prologue On Love
Second prologue The Redeemer
Part one The Father
Part two The Son of The Father
Part three The Paraclete
Part four On equality before God
Intermezzo On the mystery of praying


Second prologue

The Redeemer


The light of redemption is that exalted love which my words will ignite in you, whether you now live piously following the ancients creeds or according to your own creed! –

And if I bear witness of that ‘great Man of Love’, believed by narrow-minded doctrine of faith to belong to it alone, despite the fact that in their deeds his image has often served as the shield of hatred, my witness is the work of his own will. He consecrated namely all men in that last act of love before his death on this earth and he became their redeemer from the bondage which only could be dissolved by a Man of Love excelling all who live on earth in love, in unfolding the power of the fire of love! –

He who once gave himself in the full perfection of light to the whole of mankind, after he first intended to bring the fulfilment only to the people amongst whom he was born, is near to all who call upon him. You will find him if you seek him in his love, – whether you practise the ancient forms which hold so much exalted wisdom worthy of your veneration when your spirit discloses it to you, – – whether you feel such forms are alien to your nature, and call upon him only in your own way from the depth of your heart! –

He lives in the spiritual sphere of the earth, in all the reality of the spiritual form which became his when his soul gave itself back into his ‘Father’s’ hands, with those, whose circle of light he had been united with, before he took on an earthly body!

From: The Book of Love pdf pages 85-87

Bô Yin Râ ''Redemption''

Bô Yin Râ ''Redemption''