the teaching of Jesus christ

The teaching of
Jesus Christ

First prologue On Love
Second prologue The Redeemer
Part one The Father
Part two The Son of The Father
Part three The Paraclete
Part four On equality before God
Intermezzo On the mystery of praying


Part One
The Father


I have already told you, in as much as was possible in another book, ( The Book of the Royal Art pdf pages 10 et seq) that this ‘Father’ of all Luminaries of the First Light is the eternally light-begotten spiritual man from the First Word, who is himself ‘Word’ in the ‘Word’ and ‘God by God’ – the great ‘old man’ who is in the ‘beginning’, – who himself represents the first self-forming of the First Word, the ‘man of eternity’ remaining eternally in his first begotten state.

In ancient teaching he is understood as the
highest of all ‘angels’ – the ‘crown’ of that hierarchy of spirits which created here on earth in the Luminaries of the First Light those ‘builders of bridges’ for the ‘great bridge’
leading earthly man away from the realm of the beast, so that he can find again the spiritual home he extricated himself from aeons ago!–

In every Luminary of the First Light is the ‘Father’, who eternally continues to propagate his ‘son’, the Luminary, – in truth of one being with his light-filled nature, for whom the earthly body is but an
external vehicle to effect on earth what needs the form of the earth for appearing in the life of a man of this earth! –

Thus the Master of Nazareth could say in truth to his pupils: “He who sees me, sees the Father” (John 14:7), – and “No man cometh unto the ‘Father’ except through me: (John 14:6) – through that which is life in me as the spiritually propagated ‘son’ of the ‘Father’…

In this way helpers ready to assist you are given to you in your earthly life, – always close to your spirit, if you really know how to ‘call’ them spiritually! – –

“Not every one that saith unto me: Lord, Lord!, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father,” (John 14:6) – he who feels this will within him and fulfils it in his deeds! –

Your mere desire will be of no use to you; – you will have to ‘call’ through your entire behaviour, through your deeds and actions. Many poor inconspicuous ones who only loyally perform their daily chores have often ‘called’ in a better way than those exalted ones, acquainted with all the profound writings, who consider themselves so worthy that a helper ‘would be bound’ to come to them and raise them to further ‘exaltation’ in their view and that of others! – –

From: The Book Of Love pdf 87-89