the teaching of Jesus christ

The teaching of
Jesus Christ

First prologue On Love
Second prologue The Redeemer
Part one The Father
Part two The Son of The Father
Part three The Paraclete
Part four On equality before God
Intermezzo On the mystery of praying


Part Four
on equality before God


Although in this hemisphere ‘Christendom’ allegedly prevails and its adherents base themselves upon the writings of the four authors known as the ‘Evangelists’, the bringers of ‘glad tidings’ and of the light to lighten the ‘gentiles’…

Yet the writers of these ‘Gospels’ have their exalted master speak thus to his disciples:

“Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven: but to the others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand!” (Luke 8:10), (Matthew 13:11), (Mark 4:11)

It is a hard and dreadful saying if all people – as one likes to think – were ‘equal before God’, if ‘the others’ accordingly had somehow a right to get to the bottom of the ‘mysteries of the kingdom of God’ in the same way?! –

Yet the holy books upon which all Christian teaching is built know nothing of this ‘equality before God’. – They clearly and incisively differentiate between the ‘children of this world’ and the ‘children of the light’. (Luke 16:8)

They have their master warn of throwing what is ‘holy to the dogs’ and casting ‘pearls before swine’… similes which are explicit enough not to be caught up in the view that all men are ‘equal before God’! (Matthew 7:6)

The ancient records of his life and death have him keep silent about Pilate’s question: who he was; yet to those who had recognised the things ‘flesh and blood could not reveal’ he gives in his sovereignty confirmation and says to them: (Matthew 16:7)

“You call me Master, and you say well, for so I am!” (John 13:13)

Yet where in the four texts called the ‘Gospels’ can we find those words which this master spoke only to his confidants, to those chosen by him??

It is true, words can be found which can be traced back to a teaching known only to the disciples, yet one will search in vain for the teaching itself.

The Church of Rome is certainly not wrong to see the teaching of the Master of Nazareth based not just on the ‘written word’ but also on ‘tradition’, however: – has this tradition not been obstructed and distorted a long time ago, – even if the last remaining traces of its existence reach perhaps still occasionally into current times?

It is said that the master of the Gospels did not make or leave behind any written record of any description.

Everyone is free to believe or disbelieve me when I say that there are people living on this planet who know with all certainty transcending all other assurance that the Master of Nazareth did leave behind written records of his secret teachings: – that the last of these were still in existance at the time of the persecution of the Christians and were destroyed in Rome by loyal later disciples to prevent them getting into the hands of the ‘gentiles’, – just as in the ‘Gospel of St. John’ large sections of these texts written by his own hand are presented in extracts, in as far as they spoke in veiled language, and could be refashioned in the text as spoken words.

Those who have this knowledge also know that the master’s texts written in his own hand were circulated in many copies, and that extracts from these were found in yet other writings apart from the Gospel which has come down to us bearing the name of ‘John’.

The knowledge of these few is therewith far from exhausted inasmuch as it relates to the Master of the Gospels; yet they too, like his earliest disciples, are bound by a law which has them keep secret the things which cannot be given to all. – They too speak to ‘the others’ only in ‘parables’ and through veiled symbols. – (Matthew 13:10-13)

They are the guardians, renewed with every generation, of a sacred treasure which survives on this planet because of them: – they are the true ‘knights of the Holy Grail’ of the legend, – they carry out a spiritual service of which only very few in every generation are capable of, for only very few are born to this service at any time.

But one must be ‘born to it’, just as one must be born to be Mozart, another Beethoven; no one, even with all the effort in the world, could ‘become’ like them.

Those men meant here – among whom only rarely have been found, through the millennia, one with European blood – are always the only ones possessing to a greater or lesser extent that secret ‘knowledge’, which the Master of the Gospels possessed; and he possessed it only because he was one of them. But he also knew that there was ‘another’ to whom he owed all things, just like his spiritual brothers; he himself confessed in reverence that that one was ‘greater’ than he who spoke of him.–

He was able to prepare for those who followed him ‘habitations’ and he did prepare them, indeed he still today lives himself in his spiritual form among those who are the sons of his ‘father’; for these men born in the eternal spirit also freely possess their powers after the occurrence called the death of the body, and are not, like ‘the others’, subject to the laws of the planet.

They are the only true spiritual ‘masters’ on this earth, the Luminaries of the First Light, the living bearers of the eternal ‘Christos’-spirit, the transformers of eternal divine wisdom into what can be comprehended by earthly men…

Those who find this incredible or see their pious church faith endangered may question it; however, they will be incapable of changing anything about the fact unknown to them.

The thousands from every ‘Christian’ community of faith who have surpassed the zealousness of church based belief in the inner growth of their souls and who believe they feel the true presence of their master will not pay homage to any delusion!

Let one beware, as I have already said, of presuming that the Luminaries of the First Light, amongst whom the Master of Nazareth still lives today on earth in his spiritual form, can somehow be equated with the ‘masters’ spoken about in certain so-called ‘theosophical’ writings, or even with the aforementioned ‘Great School of Science’ created in America and bearing the stamp of fake, visible for all on its forehead, allongside all the pompous sounding moralistic declarations of its inventor who has been unmasked in the meantime!

“For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” – (Matthew 24:24)

“The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.” – (Luke 16:8)

The ‘sons of the light’, the true representatives of ‘Theo-Sophia’ on this earth, are indeed ‘men of knowledge’, yet this knowledge is of a different kind to that knowledge belonging to any science.

I must state in the face of all reasonable doubt, that this secret ‘knowledge’ exists for very few on this earth!

It is knowledge founded on assurance through activity and comes to no one who does not bring from birth the ability to carry it out practically; for it is not knowledge ‘of’ something, not knowledge ‘about’ something, but it only exists in permanent action: – in a conscious living becoming at one with the object of knowledge itself.

To paraphrase Patânjali, the wise man from India: “Just as water takes on the form of the vessel into which it is poured as it fills it, so too the spirit of the Yogi takes the form of the thing which he wants to penetrate knowingly!” (It is self-evident that he does not mean the ‘Yogis’ found on the street and in temple portals!)

The condition of those capable of capturing this ‘knowledge’ can be described in the words: ‘knowing through self-transformation’.

Apart from this spiritual ‘knowing’ there is also a ‘teaching’ which cannot be ‘taught’ through words – which could never be written down in a book, because it is only accessible to self-experience; – and that from the oldest days of the awakening of the animal man into the essence of man has been passed on through spiritual transmission by ‘masters’ who were ‘knowing through self-transformation’.

Moreover, to receive this secret ‘teaching’ one must be innately suited, yet there are many more people capable of receiving this sort of teaching than those born to know through self-transformation.

There is an innermost secret realm of the spirit and spiritual forces in the spiritual region of our planet to which all who live on earth owe what is best about them!

There is an eternal pre-existence before the human spirit enters this world of the visible and there is an eternal post-existence following the ‘death’ of the earthly body!

There are spiritual ‘wonders’ which overshadow every oriental fairy-tale, and yet are realities!

Yet what can be said in human words about all these things, and what has flowed through a sublime hierarchy of spiritual entities from the ‘First Light’ down to the ‘Luminaries’ on earth and through them into the channels of human language, is ineffably little compared to what ‘those who know through self-transformation’ owe to their experience, those who are permitted to say of themselves, as did the Master of the Gospels:
“All that the father has is mine!”– (John 16:15)
“I and the father – are One!” (John 10:30)

The communality of the few who ‘know through self-transformation’ is the manifestation of the eternal ‘Christos’ on this earth, and the Master of the Gospels is one of the highest sons of this spiritual communality of the Luminaries of the First Light who alone know the ‘father’ and can therefore do what the ‘father’ teaches them to do.

The pious of his time called the spiritual master from Nazareth a ‘glutton and a wine bibber’ for they could not understand that a man who was ‘from God’ could live with ‘sinners’ without despising the gifts of this earth.

They knew nothing of the fact that in him ‘the kingdom of heaven’ in which he spiritually lived, – had come into their presence, in the midst of this life on earth, and the recognition of Cephas-Peter was foreign to them: “Lord, to whom shall we go? – You have the words of eternal life!”

Yet the ‘Son of God’ of the Gospels never thought of regarding his human personality as the only bearer of this filial status on earth.

Only his later exegetes misunderstood his words in this manner, twisting and distorting their meaning. –

Countless are the errors derived from ignorance about the Christos-mystery; it would have been very easy to avoid many false teachings, had the saying been understood: “I am the door: if any man enter in through me he shall be blessed.” –

In this way the “the stone set as the cornerstone has been rejected by the builders” (Acts 4:11) and men seek on false paths, for the path which is ‘truth’ and ‘life’ appears inaccessible to them.


From: More Light pdf pages 90-107