The Brother and the Brotherhood
After the order of Melchizedek

The Brother and the Brotherhood after the order of Melchizedek

Prologue The Luminaries of the original Light
Part one The tabernacle of God with men
Part two The Light dwells in the east
Part three On the spiritual community
Part four The Master of Nazareth
Part five The mystery of Golgotha
Part six Jesus Christ


Part One

‘The tabernacle of God with men’


In ancient times gentle tidings once arrived in the west from the orient; Christian imagery described a wondrous, spiritual community of wise men of action – Westerners did not know how to interpret the news which came to them in this way. – –

The veil of the legend concealed the ‘holy grail’ and its noble ‘knighthood’.

Knowledge full of comfort submerged in obscure myth, – became legendary background to a devout fiction.

Since primeval times, when the first animal men became bearers of spiritual man, the location of the activity of the ‘brothers’ on this earth has been where the highest mountain range of the earth rises high, inaccessible to all those they themselves have not spiritually guided into their midst.

Here in truth is the ‘tabernacle of God with men’ on earth! (Revelation 21:3)

Here the realm of the spirit reaches into the physical events of this earth through the powers of purest spiritual substance!

From here radiate rays of purest spiritual substance to all inhabitants of this earth! –

Yet I see far too many men of this earth seeking the spirit in vain, since they walk on false paths.

I can only exhort this multitude to turn around; for the effective light from the ‘innermost east’ will hardly be able to fill them if their eyes continue to be blinded by the many lights coming from all past ages, – the lanterns and torches with which man, fallen into the animal state, has sought to illuminate his path himself. –

Truly, only those unerringly looking to the ‘east’, undisturbed by the twinkling lights of the earth, will find living light on the high mountain peaks!

Those who have found that light will be illuminated on their way, until they reach their goal, – – until they reach their goal! –

From: The Book Of The Living God pdf pages 10, 22, 23