The Brother and the Brotherhood
After the order of Melchizedek

The Brother and the Brotherhood
after the order of Melchizedek

Prologue The Luminaries of the original Light
Part one The tabernacle of God with men
Part two The Light dwells in the east
Part three On the spiritual community
Part four The Master of Nazareth
Part five The mystery of Golgotha
Part six Jesus Christ


Part Two

The light dwells in the east


Few in the ‘west’ suspect the truth on hearing of the ‘wise men of the east’ spoken of traditionally in those silent circles of noble seekers after truth – and among those who have a vague feeling for what it means there are even fewer who can resist foolish ideas when seeking to give their ‘suspicion’ a concrete form. – –

In the east, in the heart of Asia, the knife of thought is most keenly sharpened.

But thousands of years ago, those great men existed here who found beyond all thinking the clear way to truth, that truth which is nothing other than absolute reality, and which has nothing to do with those rational images of knowledge through which it is commonly believed one has what is called ‘the truth’.

Those first ‘brothers on earth’ found their path and goal under guidance from on high…

Since that time they and their successors have instructed those seekers found to be sufficiently ‘mature’, in the spirit through the spirit.

They have erected the ‘holy protective wall of silence’ around their union; only those gain ‘access’ to them who they recognise in the spirit as sufficiently ‘mature’ to become men of knowledge in the spirit.

They know that their gift is only of benefit to those who can see the end of their toils on the ‘path’ coming near. –

Yet to all they send from their midst helping teachers; they have sent them forth in every age…

In the west as in the east these ‘active brothers’ could always be found.

The members of the exalted union are not recognisable by any external sign.

They alone know who belongs to them. –

Their spiritual being is deeply concealed from the eyes of men.

None of those meant here will ever try to gather a community around him.

None has ever founded or ‘brought about’ such communities!

Whatever ‘community’ originated in the world and based itself on the voice of the ‘brothers on earth’ or even on their exalted ‘fathers’ in the light, was only ever the work of immature souls who became capable, through prematurely developed inner senses, of hearing things from the circle of the innermost ‘east’; they were like eavesdroppers at key holes, without having been given the powers to interpret correctly what they overheard. –

Only very rarely did one of the brothers appear in person, clearly professing who he was, before his fellow men in the turmoil of the outer world; and this step was a bitter sacrifice for all who took it…

Such sacrifice should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary.

This explains the seclusion the ‘wise men of the east’ (Matthew 2:1-2) work from. – –

This explains why every member of this circle remains silent unless his task compels him to confess his spiritual nature which cannot be easily confessed, either through definition in symbolic terms or more explicitly. –

The exalted community of the Luminaries, spoken of in the ancient tradition of venerable seekers after truth as ‘the wise men of the east’*, is bound only by spiritual law.

Their members know no oath of asceticism, no pledge to an ‘order’.

The development of spiritual powers does not depend on such things.

Yet what is demanded by the ‘law’ these powers obey is much more than the most unyielding asceticism and the strictest life of penance…

Many ideas applying only to the lower powers in man even if they are based on correct premises must be given up if one wants to know what an ‘initiate’ of this union really is. –

But every one who is this will recognise you, regardless of your false ideas.

His ‘teaching’ will not be heard by your external ear, – even if you were to know him ‘in person’. –

The tidings brought by one united in the spirit in his native tongue do not determine his ‘teaching’…

They are intended only as a ‘hint’ for you, so that you may find him, or one of his kind, in yourselves: – within your innermost being.

But also his external words want to be felt, not ‘explained’ nor unravelled by thought!

From: The Book Of The Living God pdf page 248-253