The Brother and the Brotherhood
After the order of Melchizedek

The Brother and the Brotherhood
after the order of Melchizedek

Prologue The Luminaries of the original Light
Part one The tabernacle of God with men
Part two The Light dwells in the east
Part three On the spiritual community
Part four The Master of Nazareth
Part five The mystery of Golgotha
Part six Jesus Christ


Part Three

On the spiritual community


The spiritual community, of which I am a member and which I herald, is a real spiritual association, – a unity in plurality of spiritual essences, of which the majority have never worn an earthly body or have long since abandoned it to the physical earth. Whilst in every age there are a few who live and work in the earthly body of earthly man, externally in no way different from their fellowmen and in no way liberated from the circumstances of natural law.

There is a fundamental difference, however, with respect to the inner life!

Whereas our fellowmen can only perceive the external physical world and the life of the soul’s powers, though they become at the very best aware in a suspecting way of the existence of real spiritual worlds, to us the worlds of real substantial spirit are completely revealed up to the highest levels which still permit life in an earthly body at the same time.

We experience at the same time the external physical world, the world of the soul’s powers and the real spiritual world without requiring other preparation than the conscious focussing into the one or the other perspective.

We experience the spiritual worlds not in an “ecstasy” or any other abnormal state, but soberly and awake, without any external symptoms being able to betray to a chance external observer that our consciousness in a given moment is not solely directed at the external and earthly.

Furthermore we are in permanent, conscious, spiritual contact with each other as though a continuous electrical current passes through us all – including those not inhabiting an earthly body.

It matters not whether we encounter each other externally in the earthly body.

If we encounter each other, the external meeting only applies to the external earthly man.

We can all make ourselves visible and perceptible to each other in a spiritual real way through a pure act of will.

We have, it is true, a sort of “central point” on earth where some of us live together in deepest isolation from the rest of the world. But we have no kind of external “gatherings”, mainly because they are completely unnecessary given our continual spiritual communication.
We also follow no external rites of any kind and know no ceremonies of any kind!

We know without any external signs who belongs to us.

No one can belong to us who has not already, as said earlier, belonged to us before his birth in an earthly body.

“Admission” is nothing other than the consequence of an obligation freely accepted millennia before birth.

This obligation takes place in a spiritual state, which appears foreign to the consciousness of earthly man, although everyone born on earth once went through it.

The members of our spiritual union also only know in their purely spiritual essence through direct memory of this earlier state of their being.

The earthly body and spiritual capabilities of such a man must first be prepared gradually under the guidance of perfected ones for the transmission of the spiritual powers and capabilities to the sphere of consciousness of his will. But this “schooling” takes place from within, even though the “brother” guiding the development appears externally visible in his earthly body.

The members of this spiritual community living on earth are no “saints” and not removed from human failings.

We are just as less “fakirs”, i.e. we never have anything to do, under any circumstances, with “occult arts”, ceremonial magic and the such like, although we are completely familiar with the relevant possibilities and would always be sure of success.

Our works know only the powers of the real spiritual worlds, i.e. we create, according to spiritual laws which strictly oblige us, spiritual causes whose consequences bring forth certain beneficial changes for mankind in the world of the soul and in the physical world.

We never act only according to our own discretion, but as implementers of higher spiritual commands which in turn correspond to very specific conditions and can only be very rarely modified by our wishes.

One can see that this is certainly not a “circle of adepts”, a more or less religiously coloured “secret society”, a school of “secret knowledge” or any such “external” corporation held together by constitutions or statutes!

At times such external associations have, it is true, been under the guidance of this purely spiritual association, but never has one of its members belonged to such an external association in external life, – unless as a spiritual guide!

From: The Mystery of Golgotha pdf pages 165-170