Jesus christ's earthly path

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Jesus Christ's earthly path

First intermezzo On the birth of Jesus
Second intermezzo On the Virgin
Third intermezzo On the Logos and John the Baptist
Fourth intermezzo On the Sermon of the Mount and on the Parables

First intermezzo

On the birth of Jesus Christ

... (they found) that living form of their spirit which can only wake up to eternal blaze when the “living God” full of power and reality makes it into the throne of his glory, – when he prepares his own “birth” as “child of the virgin” in earthly man, announced by the “shepherds” who “keep watch at night”, – worshipped by the “wise men of the Orient”, the priestly kings from the “innermost East” who can see the “star” as soon as it lights up over a “stable” in which “among senseless beasts” the king is born who will “redeem” Israel.

From: The Mystery of Golgotha pdf pages 141-142