Jesus christ's earthly path

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Jesus Christ's earthly path

First intermezzo On the birth of Jesus
Second intermezzo On the Virgin
Third intermezzo On the Logos and John the Baptist
Fourth intermezzo On the Sermon of the Mount and on the Parables

Second intermezzo

On the Virgin

It is truly time for marriage to defend what is holiest about it when the ‘immaculate conception’ denies the act of procreation so that the ancient ‘pagan’ tale has been adopted without hesitation to ascribe the birth of the most divinely sublime man to a ‘virgin’ as is customary in ancient myths, – not suspecting that those ancient myths give a deeply veiled account of the birth of God in human hearts, – the birth of the ‘son of God’ in the soul which the spirit of God alone can impregnate…

From: Marriage pdf pages 14-15